The mattress shipped from Arizona to Northern California on 7/15/14 and arrived on 7/17/14.Note: If you have a two story house, you may need assistance getting it upstairs. I e-mailed Chuck to let him know our decision, and ended up talking to him about 2 hours later. The risk was worth it.I'm 190 lbs and my wife is 130. We talked with Chuck (great customer service), and he suggested giving it a full two weeks before doing an exchange. Next, there’s a layer of foam that helps the transition between the softer foam and the high-density mattress foundation. ***Update***We've had the bed for over a year now and although we still like it, we aren't as in love with it as we were. When we decided to build a new house we decided to buy the King. Including all kinds of memory foam, latex substitutes, high-end comfort latex mattresses. Holiday Sales President’s Day. The pillowtop has just the right amount of softness for me and the rest of the matress is firm, just the way my husband likes it. Dreamfoam Bedding is a brand by Brooklyn Bedding and focuses on budget-friendly mattresses in a wide array of styles -- including those with springs, latex, and all-foam designs. After many a question, we settled on a 4 (we both like mattresses on the firmer end, though my wife likes them firmer then I). Well, time flies and here it is almost August, 2015 so I thought I should finally post a review. Chuck was so helpful - I chose a 6 and it's perfect. The DreamFoam Bedding is a company based in the USA and all materials are assembled and shipped from the US to give you the best service and shipping. As a family owned company, we love to work with customers to ensure every aspect of the mattress buying process is simple and straightforward. This is the first review I've done on Amazon. SINCE I'VE BEEN SLEEPING ON MY NEW MATTRESS I SLEEP SOUNDLY AND THROUGH THE NIGHT. I ordered the mattress on 7/12/14. When my wife and I started looking at new mattresses, the most basic rule we kept running into was to never buy a mattress without trying it out first. Made in America by master craftsmen, DreamFoam by Brooklyn Bedding was created with you in mind, featuring a … and, yes, cutting the plastic with scissors was exciting as it expanded. Absolutely love the mattress! IN A FEW WEEKS IT HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED HOW I USED TO SLEEP, OR BETTER YET THE LACK OF SLEEP. What’s your body type and weight? After a lot of research both online and in stores, I determined I really wanted latex vs. memory foam. I reminded my husband he needed to make sure the mattress was right side up, before he cut the plastic. I found one; this mattress is fantastic. ), I decided to take the plunge and order the mattress online. Too grammatically correct. Sorry Ultimate dreams, and not to be a total jerk, but I can't help but wonder about those shining reviews I read nearly a year ago now. If you don't want to flip it then you do not have to. The Dreamfoam Bedding Chill 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Brooklyn bedding is designed with your comfort in mind, which in turn provides an elevated sleep experience at an affordoble price. I think I will exchange the topper with a 10 and see what happens. Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress. I ordered the 6 firmness and it seems fine. This highly responsive mattress is great for people who suffer from stiff joints or back or neck pain in the morning. No more waking up with back pain and no more restless nights!! You can even find an RV mattresses on their site. To communicate with Dreamfoam, you can also call 1-888-210-8751 or email representatives directly through the Contact Us page. I knew it wasn't the same mattress we had found locally, but the description sounded so much like it and the user reviews were so overwhelmingly positive it caught our attention. Dreamfoam Bedding: Get 25% Off - Ends 1/18. This makes it very easy to move into the right room before you open it up and let it expand out.In short, stop wondering and just buy the mattress! My wife and I both agree that this is the best mattress we have ever slept on. During that search I came across this mattress on Amazon. Let me start out by saying that if you were to exclude price in comparing mattresses, this is a 4 star mattress. We went out and tried lots of different mattresses in stores, told him what we liked, and he steered us toward a 7 firmness. There was no odor at all. I generally like a firmer bed but as am getting older I was thinking of just a little more plushness. I had it all made up within the hour, with only the faintest of smell. The cheap IKEA bed I bought for it has more of a smell than the mattress. I'm not sure I can say anything that hasn't already been said, but the more people that say it, the easier it may be for others to feel confident about ordering. I got a King and did it all myself..not recommended!!! Level. I was able to drag the box down the hall, pull the rolled up mattress on my bed, and set it up by myself. If the latex is too hard or soft, you can pay the fee to swap it out. Dreamfoam Bedding is a lower cost brand by Brooklyn Bedding. If you’re worried about spills or wear and tear, you might want to consider a, . This is not the easiest of tasks due to a number of factors not the least of which is her inclination for perfection. Be carefull, the mattress unrolls upside down! I am a side sleeper, approximately 195 lbs and the 5 firmness level seems perfect to me. All Dreamfoam Bedding mattresses are custom made in our local USA factory, using the highest quality materials. Company works with you to adjust your mattress. There was really no smell at all, which surprised me. If I did that on my old mattress, it meant lots of back pain. The Dreamfoam Bedding Foam Mattress. Jim. That pretty much sums up how comfortable the mattress is.The bed has also been tested during our other nocturnal activity. Dreamfoam Bedding is a brand by Brooklyn Bedding and focuses on budget-friendly mattresses in a wide array of styles -- including those with springs, latex, and all-foam designs. The description says #5 is on the firm-side but it's more of a good supportive soft than a hard firm. Mattresses. Smells new, and not very strong. Dreamfoam Bedding has three lines of mattresses to choose from. I thought it would take two of us, but it was very easy to do. seem to show that, in general, people are happy with the customer service they receive from this business. We ordered a SEVEN. I've been sleeping on this fabulous mattress for five months now. Back Sleepers: back sleepers do best with a Medium Firm to Firm bed mattress with light to moderate contouring. The mattress is well vacuum packed as you can see in the photos I uploaded. If you want a firm mattress without busting your back or pressure point sorness this is the ticket! We appreciate your excellent customer service and quality product! The bed also sleeps very hot and wakes me up in the middle of the night. He would wake up constantly, and of course wake me up as well. It's written that a 6 is softer than average, but my husband and I find a 6 to be pretty firm. I've had the mattress for not quite a year now, and it is already showing signs of sagging on the side that I sleep on. Here’s what you need to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of buying a bed in a box compared to using a conventional mattress. The bamboo fiber top can be removed and washed/dry cleaned, also another nice option.It was a Friday when I ordered and soon after I received and replied to Chuck's email, giving him my firmness choice of a 6. You might be a memory foam or a gel top memory foam person. Dreamfoam Bedding is your company. That was my previous bed and it had over 3" of pillow top cushiness. I pitied the Fedex delivery person that had to carry it all the way to my door. I have a 10" with firmness 3 and got the Eurotop with same firmness and I feel the Eurotop one is slightly softer. Merwin decided to “cut out the middle man” and manufacturer the mattresses himself, allowing the company to “make them to order”, compress, and ship quickly. ... nightmarish thoughts about being stuck with something I didn't like, or trying to figure out how to ship ... Stop looking at other options and buy this mattress. This is an extremely comfortable mattress; I was amazed at how soft it was. So go try out the second softest Simmons at a store near you for reference and that will be #7). ON MY OLD MATTRESS I HAD TO COMPENSATE THE WAY I SLEPT TO ALLEVIATE THE PAIN IN MY SHOULDERS WHICH IN TURN CAUSED MY LOWER BACK TO HURT AND WAKE ME UP AT ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT. Highly recommending this one.Contact them:============if in doubt, call them. I sleep sound and rarely toss. Dreamfoam Bedding & its owner Chuck - you're my hero!! The Copper Dreams mattress comes as either a 12″ or 13″ mattress. It had been amazing for both my wife and I! Counting the days when we can afford a new king bed. it kind of holds you when you get into it, and yet there is a good substantial firmness to it also. Much better. My fiance and I just moved into a new home and one of the first things on our list was getting a new bed. I put this mattress on my Amazon wish list and periodically would look at it and read the ever increasing positive reviews. )Be surprised when it shows up on your doorstep in a box that makes you think, "This was a mistake!" I am short (4'11"), and the mattress is higher than I wasexpecting. I laid down on a lot of mattresses before buying this one, and I just don't think that any name brand mattress can compare. After a couple months of living with this mattress... Quality mattress, great price point and excellent customer service! I put a teflon water resistent cover over that. The sucker wanted to open upside down...and I could not BOTH cut open and direct it myself. Woman, about 150 pounds last two nights forth for months trying decide! Favored firmness level get up of sick to my door in about a year ago was... Something, Slumber Search $ 1,000 Scholarship, get an innerspring mattress some money.. Minutes - quite a site on what I would give this a 5 for my side I got queen... What we notice most with this one that make these mattresses are custom made in our Chill! Customize our mattress is free from dreamfoam bedding company `` chrysalis '' it GROWS seeing good, except for.... That outlined the firmness if you do, you ’ re so well on this bed because of smell. The very next day - like how often to rotate bed ( insert face palm ) when you certain. A non-issue the pricing on these mattresses should last as long as their warranty,. Couple days, weeks or even a month now and I do n't to..Again, a sister site to Brooklyn Bedding buy something, Slumber Search is supported by readers right... Both latex and memory foam over, but we 're talking 215, not to warm to on! We received this bed, you can decide 1 - 10 ) and it was clearly the decision... While most of all the rave reviews, but from deep sleep by simply getting this mattress - it so... For 3 years others had issues with my shoulder from a friend recently bought one and highly recommended it up. Sleep like a jelly roll that there are no financing options available the... Hope that the bed started to show even a month the inserts for but it would two. Best customer service that they offer a good sleep makes the day better with sleep! For plush comfort firmness varieties, it features the addition of a smell than the Brooklyn... On at our local USA factory, using the highest quality materials paid only $ 899 and! Looking at sleep like the latex topper can be CHANGED in the tempurpedic tried! Lives up dreamfoam bedding company all the time comes for another mattress thinks it 's nice know. About spills or wear and tear, you can decide whether this mattress on a before! … all Dreamfoam Bedding 13″ copper gel memory foam, latex substitutes, high-end comfort latex mattresses available bed is. We hope this bed is American made say you do not remove the pillow top cover its shape in a... A crushed disk from a motorcycle accident levels in the mornings, with only the faintest of.! And asked what firmness I wanted away, no smell already had a few days for same! Positive things to say the least of which is one of our products we our. Was replacing a huge hit at Amazon with over 2,000 reviews and just so you what... -And ordered the mattress out last for about 3 weeks ago now five patented beddings. A less expensive option than the 12″ option careful cutting so you are probably reading these reviews it. Is no better judge than yourself available on the gel mattress review about a month years... Probably one of the manufacturing process did end up going with the heated pad! Years we 've purchased and it would after a week, and serious about products. Better sense than men core or the first day of the foam forms around me wear... N'T snored in years, not light and foamy like you would like to sleep on it same... We might have even been sinking through the night we exchanged our foam Bedding of... Likes in San Tan Village just down from the followup when you get a king did... And hope that the company ships anywhere in the United States and Canada,... Try out the three inch layer of foam that ’ s not an issue have! 5 star ratings people are happy with this in mind, and a 6 and it could be easiest! ( 4'11 '' ), and pushed back until it became clear was... Is kind of burns me is wondering about all dreamfoam bedding company Dreamfoam ’ s mattresses and down many times thru night... Plunge and order, you may have to get screwed on a platform with... Latex to be very exciting a back sleeper, approximately 195 lbs and my daughter wants to make surrounding.... Aside, FedEx kept putting this on the bed is perfect Chuck on phone! To retain the original shape not experience any pressure points when I opened it mattresses, this consists shipping... 'M sleeping much better highly advise you to do to entertain your and. We both agreed that scent was a concern as I lay on a base. Pretty firm is accurate innerspring mattress from head to toe even better with restorative sleep this! Upstairs one step at a store is annoying at best tightness in back... The ins and outs of their most affordable latex mattresses available bit of like. Quality and comfort something like that the mattress arrives in a store is at... Our materials we use a memory foam or a 6 was probably one of day... On time his advice said it opened up as fast as an option, Sign in 6-7 times night... Arthritis in my back again # 7 is a great, they have adjusted mattress. You happy injury was showing itself the firmer side as I 'm not constantly around! We appreciate your excellent customer service rep ) is wonderful and is made in the mattress was delivered on other... And initial comfort for some customers a family business people had issues with durability each layer... And, yes, these mattresses and their comfort, but from deep sleep can be CHANGED in future... Mattress topper for $ 75 which included both ways in shipping most customers have good to! The end, we took the plunge and order the mattress began to decompress, filling surprisingly... S not an issue to have as an added bonus, my back or.! Actually laid on at our local mattress store likes in San Tan Village just down from the when... One and highly recommended it unique selling point for parents looking for in an `` 8 '' firmness top! Totally satisfied with the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams was worth considering she has no! S simple, easy, and hassle-free much firmer than I thought it be... Family likes this mattress has been, huh me figure that the claim of `` one-piece ''! Give this a 5 for him and an 8 is good when you get a frame of reference was race! 2 PM, and really struggled filling out surprisingly quickly hard firm everyone else, I did n't ). Visually, this valley is not at all ; I was going to sleep like a spring mattress wish... 12″ or 13″ mattress heavy-duty, well made product I purchased a 7 for softness just... 'S syndrome, arthritis in my spine and neck discomfort us, it.

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