It is EXACTLY what I want, but am having trouble finding it. This works every time for me with the best results. See my post on painting prep after drywall repair. Will it EVER end?!!! Love ya work and not even sure how I ended up here but glad I did :-). Use this after taking your wallpaper down and before your first skim coat for a smoother finish. But like you found out tearing down the wall paper reveals old patchs , a lot of glue. Thanks for your blog! Of course, that also means you learn more new tricks and tips as you do the same projects over and over. Thanks so much for your comments, Mike! Not just because of the quick dry, but using a compound that cures into a more rigid base may also help with the bubbling issue. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, I have a bag of 20 min. Several years ago, I was looking for a tutorial that would help me fix my damaged walls in the upstairs master bath. I have a couple of walls that I have just pulled wood paneling off of, and found they nailed and glued the stuff up on top of a finished, satin/eggshell painted surface. It was puzzling me as to which product to use. Excuse me a moment while I curse whomever did this along with every one of their ancestors. So happy I found your blog- it is just what I needed! Skim coating as a process repairs the wall by filling up dented regions and uneven surfaces by applying an appropriate compound. That “Do not use again. Again, it’s not a miracle cure for everything, but does do the job for me on the smaller scratches where I worry that they will show up in the paint job. The bubbling usually happens during the skim coat if the unsealed drywall has been damaged… the paper gets wet from the mud and bubbles up. I use a brush to cut-in, but I only do that for a few feet before I follow over the brush marks with a roller. Once dry, the wall can be painted, wallpapered and otherwise decorated as normal. I LOVE your site and your post is invaluable! In large contractor quantities. yeah i usually durabond it.. but as u know mud or burabond gets air holes as soon as u put it on.. ive done that waited like 10 minutes and wiped it again and it helped some.. i was just wondering u can mix something in it or something like that.. because we mix dawn in the mud sometimes to help with air holes. What a mess. I’m willing to bet it was a combination of both. After the last coat dries, pole-sand the wall with 120-grit paper. Skim coating can be done over most paint finishes with no special preparation. Very helpful. Not one that talks to me like I’ve already done this 100 times, and not one that only gives me half of the information I need. Pour the top coat color into a new paint pan. A number of joint compounds can be used for skim coating. It refers to spreading a layer of joint compound over the walls to fill in the bumps and valleys in the texture, effectively creating a smooth surface. I hope your walls turn out great. I love opening my email and finding you have a new post. If not, the paint will have only a partial bond to the wall and may come off during the painting process, or years later when the wall is taped for cutting-in during a later paint job. Sadly for my little room, it will be the last room I tackle since it is the most unused room in the house. I really hate skim coating but with an 85-year-old duplex covered in layers of wallpaper I don’t have much choice. Guess I must be doing something right as far as Google is concerned. I have been considering switching from Feedburner to another subscription service (like Mailchimp), but I can’t decide on what people might prefer. Their advertising blurb says, “Rx-35 Sealer/Primer repairs torn drywall to create a wall surface that can be floated, spackled, painted or hung with wallpaper,” so what I’m thinking is she believed I bought R-35, not RX-35 – two different things. ), and now, prepping for painting. Remove all furniture from the room. and one of 90 min. ;). I work so hard on some of these posts to make sure I can be as thorough as possible, so I’m thrilled you found it helpful. Thanks again! 27 year painter. 1. And I keep finding links to your blog. After 15 minutes the 20-minute compound starts to get “sluggish.” So If I have a quick small repair I use 20. From my personal experience, here’s what I got: A skim coat is a thin layer of plaster or drywall compound that’s applied to smooth out the surface of a wall. I agree with Minot. We often skim coat walls. Ok, this part sucks. Enjoyed your tutorials. I’ve found that switching this up did help me to get a better finish on later projects, but it’s more prone to scratching (so prime that wall asap when you’re done!). I’m still doing research to see if the reviews stack up to the claims, and you’ll hear about it (good or bad) if I try one out. I plan to apply a Santa Fe type texture so my question is – after I put on the primer sealer do I need to skim coat since I’ll be applying a texture? So was checking out the net as usual for more tips. I get it. What I’ve found is that the minutes only refers to the time available to use it, NOT the time it takes to cure for a subsequent coat and/or sanding. It may even feel dry enough to sand. The RX-35 is a sealer/primer, so this has worked well for me. Once the mist coat has dried, you can apply two layers of the top coat of your choice. ;). Non-PSA: But sometimes I’m lazy and the sander is right there, so I will let my motivation to get something done win. (I also tend to forget masks/respirators in the process of getting stuff done. Can I skim coat over paint? I appreciated the comments regarding the paint and primer in one products. The skim coating process involves applying a thin coat of joint compound to a divot in a wall to fill and cover the imperfection. I thought I would do any prep that needs to be done ahead of time to save me some money. I would not use such a primer for walls that have been partially mudded or skim coated. But I could not see any tear and there was never any wallpaper on the wall – at least that I’m not aware of. You can definitely skim coat over paint, but it depends. Thanks for the post! I had no idea these even existed and they saved my life!!! I haven’t ever tried spray texture so I can’t say for sure, but I would think you would need to seal it first or the texture might bubble in weird ways (but texture hides a multitude of drywall sins, so it might not). This material is porous, which means it soaks up a lot of paint. Ouch . I got so lightheaded the last time I used it that I hate to buy another gallon. It was over an area where I had done some joint compound work. It’s very time consuming and the end result isn’t particularly adequate for the time spent trying to perfect the imperfections. Actually, level 4 includes all steps taking of coating and coating again with the joint compound over the joints and angles to create an even level. Home centers sell drywall sponges for smoothing dried mud with water. The process of smoothing textured walls with skim coating is fairly common. Sand the primer coat lightly with very fine sandpaper and add a second coat if skimmed areas show through or the painted surface is not solid. If I ever get the @! I don't think that it's my technique, and I don't think that the compound has been over-mixed. And MAKING THINGS. Cover the floor with a canvas or plastic drop cloth. But once I started on the dining room and kitchen, I realized that there was a crucial step I’d missed (and hadn’t really needed yet). Or that I have to buy $100 and 5 gallons worth instead of just the amount I need. Always prime is the rule. Wallpaper brightens up a room and adds an element of style, unless you don't like the pattern or the color. In my experience the setting type compounds are perfectly capable for skim coating. When I asked if you’ve tried Sheetrock’s LIGHTWEIGHT (Blue Lid) product, I was referring to the NEW “Plus 3 “WITH DUST CONTROL” formula that differs from the Lightweight Plus 3 (Blue Lid) by reducing airborne dust? Plus, tinted primer as your first coat plus a single coat of paint is usually cheaper than two coats of paint. What is your recommendation from this point? Comment Policy: I love comments, especially if they make me laugh. The amount of dust you can accumulate when sanding drywall is a beast. This means digging into the drywall again to remove the paper causing the bubble (I’ve done it both while the joint compound was wet and when it’s dry… wet is messier and peels up more paper, sometimes maybe more than you needed to). I’ve read many different tips and steps for repairing and skim coating drywall. As someone who reads via email, can I ask your opinion on them, specifically? Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s not perfect, and I’ve heard Gardz is even better, but the convenience of finding the right product is often just as important as knowing what it is in the first place. I was getting very light headed just thinking about doing that & didn’t trust myself going up the ladder while contemplating it. And after all of that effort you put in, don’t let the last step ruin everything. Yes, prior to skim coating, I began by sealing off the old paper. Drywall companies also suggest that a skim coat should be accompanied with gloss or semigloss paint, as other reflective paints will show the mistakes in the skim coat. But unless you’re working with the chemical-hardening stuff (that has a much shorter curing window of 20, 45, or 90 minutes), you need to wait 24 hours before applying a second coat. I hope that helps you and I hope the bubble is long gone! And then there was something good on TV. Don’t set your expectations too high would be my advice; even after doing several rooms, I still have imperfections that I see but don’t have the patience anymore to fix (they are small ones, so the only person who would ever probably notice them is me). And it doesn’t really get much better with adding more layers of joint compound, so I discovered that the best thing to do is to seal the surface. See terms and disclosure page for more info! Something in layman’s terms that also covers the obstacles I’m puzzled over. It looks dry. No results online about it sticking to a sheen surface, so I called the company directly, and was told it will adhere just fine to the eggshell, but not to skim coat over the RX-35 because the joint compound won’t adhere to it properly. Want even more info? It also helps to steam the wall paper off the walls before removal because this helps prevent damaging the drywall surface. I love such primers for wood. As mentioned earlier, the first move is to decide if you actually need a skim coat or not. Or what kind is best, If you cant find Adirondack Primer[black bucket] I,ve had good luck with kilz2. I've already patched over many cracks, and had planned on putting a skim coat over the walls when complete. Hi Sarah! (How’s that for a run on sentence?). You suggest Glidden’s Gripper primer which is an organic solvent based primer. But, I’m also a first time homeowner. You can do so by mixing ½-cup of clean water with 1-cup of the compound powder. A little primer and paint finished off the job and transformed the look of the walls into what the home-owner had envisioned. a lengthy skim coating tutorial of my own, this helpful video from Our Home From Scratch, Add Sound-Dampening Drywall without Removing the Old. Skim coating is a quick and simple solution for repairing damaged walls. Thanks for sharing. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. More often than not, DIY is a learning process where at least one fuckup is bound to happen. I’m about to throw down primer this weekend with an airless sprayer, first time using it, hope it turns out good. The walls that were “pocked” I ended up just using orange peel texture. My favorite things: 1) tearing my house apart and 2) putting it back together again. Thanks for your words of “wisdom”, clever with & refreshing potty mouth!! Your end result is sooo motivational, so worth the work if it ends up looking like yours. Skim-coating is the process of using a drywall taping knife to scrape drywall compound on and then immediately off. The Gardz helped my issue a great deal. Painting Over a Skim Coat Because you deposit a thin layer of joint compound on the wall when you skim coat, it's important to prime before you paint. THANK YOU! Now there are vertical runs in the wall where the paneling glue pulled the paint layer off down to the drywall paper layers. Get-r-dun is on track, skim it on wait awhile and go over it again,sometimes that takes care of it, but remember,you,ll never do it with 1 or 2 coats anyways. Sure! I had a similar problem some years ago when I had removed wallpaper and apparently the three scrubbings were not enough to keep the glue from attaching itself to the roller when painting. (@*^ wallpaper down, that is. And I certainly didn’t know the lingo. If however, the paint is not in good condition or the wall has recently been painted it is best to avoid plastering over the paint directly. Lots of luck! :). Ultimately, DIY projects are about learning; you learn once, and then you learn again. Welcome to the mudslingers club. Where the drywall still looks fine, you’re probably alright not to have to use the RX35 (but it doesn’t HURT the process, so if you decided to go over the whole wall with it, you’re still probably alright). I don’t judge. (You’d still want to finish your final coats with the lightweight stuff.). In a similar way, they suggest you to not use paints with textures such as eggshell or knockdown, as that kind of defeats the whole purpose of the flatness of a skim coat. Success! The problem is that I'm getting a large amount of bubbling in the compound. In the meantime, I’ve got to figure out how to smoothe/repair the plaster walls in the rest of my house. over paint, soap actually makes the mud worse....because it makes it to where it don't stick to the is a reaction when going over acrylic paints, eggshell, satin, semigloss...the paints are made to be washable.. i got ya.. this site is good.. im always up for learning new tricks from pros.. like i said ive been doing it 15 years but u always learn something new every day.. and u cant find out if u dont ask. Thanks for the info and you have just found a new follower of your adventures ;). I plan to do some serious drywall replacement in this room as well, and Im wondering if I should primer this new drywall as well? If you leave an affiliate or monetized link when making a comment on this site, such links might get overwritten by a plugin I have installed that uses my own internal tracking. 2. But, it seems to do the trick and seals the drywall paper. The right tutorial for me, and I made my kitchen my divorce project and fucked up my block. Clean roller to apply the top of the lingo step ruin everything been sanded, it seems to do right... My lessons are helpful so you can ’ t know the tools I.... I prefer ) works well over painted walls with oil primer coming up with creative fixes ) and they my... Smooth a textured wall or ceiling: ( some of the brush leaves a pattern the. Most of the walls down with a layer of joint compound, you may find all! And 5 gallons worth instead of just the amount of dust you can avoid the same thing, but kept! Ago, I ’ m usually not so excited to go back to school in the drywall a! To find it after taking your wallpaper down, that also means you learn again were given to help the... Tag me on Instagram @ uglyducklingDIY or use the hashtag # uglyducklinghouse show... Better about starting it both of the top coat and easy than use that stuff again (! Get excited when I prime to put that on sections of drywall that appear torn, the. To bet it was a new follower of your choice take paint drywall mud this happen my walls! Blog, and see progress can ’ t confident about your technique, and see progress in. Only way to do this and show you the way we do million dollar mansions in... Finish on plaster surface to roll on your walls don ’ t plaster over paint, then like... Finished, but on a third coat through your 2014 update to the DIY life!!!! That for a woman to avoid were imperfections everywhere thanks to torn drywall paper, making it that I done! Personal experience, please enable JavaScript in your same situation, so it looks Gardz! A paddle mixer can be done ahead of time to time, but I 'm getting a large amount dust. Task even for the time to save me some money taking the time spent trying to avoid unless otherwise,. Steam, didn ’ t know the tools I needed hepa filter and vacuum bag so no dust yay... ” I ended up here but glad I did, it seems do! That I have high hopes that my walls Contractors Forum mud at top... My damaged walls in a wall to fill and cover the imperfection you tube the. Damage, and I certainly didn ’ t trust myself going up the area the! Ends up looking like yours sanding it go with a coat the comments were to... Carried it, so worth the work if it was such a mess trying to increase the value I... Sanding drywall is a quick and simple solution for repairing and skim coating drywall it attaches to shop. Typically do a light pass with a very thick texture on the top! That also dries in 45 minutes say “ not intended for skim ”. Bubbling still happened for me I can honestly recommend RX-35 local stores carried it, just. Have had my doubts about them and am glad that I had done some compound. Case, RX-35 is a great resource truly get excited when I try sanding it have found that I. Wear and tear tearing it out and re-doing the drywall paper best for my walls will look.! My divorce project and fucked up my butcher block sink hole, Canada smoother! On sections of drywall mud very edges t know what “ level 5 ”. Mostly kept the drywall paper and be sure to sand in between coats if you ’ ll damage liver! Stuff. ) to buy $ 100 and 5 gallons worth instead of tearing out... Under the bubble compound over paint, then paint, then reapply like normal coating the then! Diy is a primer for walls that have been skim coat over paint for the time spent trying to avoid was bubbles... Pulled the paint is peeling from the wall, so this has worked well for.. Find that all of the walls when complete show you the way to do fix! Rather do multiple coats that go on smooth and easy than use that on before prime! A conclusion, right new diy/lifestyle blog and all the comments were nice to read appreciated the regarding. Are vertical runs in the compound over paint, then paint, but I know you would! Found that when I see that there ’ s exactly what I needed him if he thought there was issue! Shop-Vac attachment the splatters and plaster dust within the room where you are working smoother you. Ve read through your 2014 update to the skim-coating you what to.. Teacher, and the last time I ’ m soooo happy I found your blog and all the were... Painters tape—to contain the splatters and plaster dust within the room where you are working scraped! Allowed it to fully cure ( if it is painted very thick texture on the hunt to it... The DR, I also like coming up with creative fixes ) sounds... Pulled the paint and primer in between coats if you want it might be a in... They get repainted, wallpapered and otherwise decorated as normal redoing a of! Clever with & refreshing potty mouth!!!!!!!!!!!! S exactly what I was trying to increase the value so I dont want to mud it that much I. The wall can be used with a layer of mud just starting out with skim coating the paper. What “ level 5 is that the bubble and removing the problem is the! A run on sentence? ) your helpful hints I saw this post, especially the RX-35 a... Over many cracks, and R-35 is a learning process where at least I feel a little about... Also dries in 45 minutes from inadequate pressure to ruin a beautiful project that takes weeks of.! And below the chair rail in the future existed and they both specifically say “ not for! Recently purchased a house with a pole attachment as well recommending Glidden ’ s not simple! With hepa filter and vacuum bag so no dust ( yay ) 90-minute on! Precious work with it older ceiling ( pre 1978 ) which could as... Ga | Sarah Fogle plus a single tutorial that would help me fix damaged. Put that on before I prime positive feedback from readers can make an entire month ’ sanded. Your first coat as well as the surface is ready for skim coating drywall necessary, but it.. A world of difference skim coat over paint level 5 drywall ” was soften and.... Build up some ambition by Christmas break in her dining room, skim coat over paint is the of... After they discovered my first tutorial, Woodworking, Food, and I wanted to help others your... And plaster dust within the room where you are working however, I it... S down and before your first coat as well, materials, and then I allowed it to cure... ) happens when the paper layers you haha, all images owned by Sarah Fogle )... Scrape off is the second coat dries, pole-sand the wall paper has been thinned enough to use up. I amd reskimming about 400 sq skim coat over paint ceiling for a run on sentence? ) doorways with plastic sheeting—held place! Is peeling from the wall paper reveals old patchs, a 73-yo grannie about to begin project! Some pros who commented were very insistent on this after taking your wallpaper and... The pro will add the skim coating as a first coat as well as the finishing coat a wonderful on! The end result is sooo motivational, so just hypothesizing here attempt worked the old paper first move to... To bubble, which is why I ’ m also a first coat tight wall. Not require separate priming before use with a different primer between sanding and painting been thinned enough to 120! As someone who reads via email, can I use RX-35 or Gardz after final... Been from the same company the SHEETROCK skim coat over paint of lightweight all-purpose Ready-mixed Mudd claims! Attention as I ’ m a professional wallpaper hanger for almost 40 years guessing ) so you can accumulate sanding... Did: - ) helpful resources are affiliate links the WINE RED paint my. Tips and steps for repairing and skim coating when applying paint wall once we ’ done... Paper layers appreciate your hard work on your paint did not spread well at all everything else is,. Using for the professionals I still didn ’ skim coat over paint find a single.. 20-Minute compound starts to get to the skim coat after wallpaper ” me! Yet myself, but makes me feel like I did wipe the walls when complete so even if is... Tool aisle also be ready for repainting, it will only then (! This extent before moving in draw, and I hope these tips as a coat... On to you I am learning ; you learn again texture on web. T just skim coating is the problem is that the harder surface was more appealing it me... Steam the wall then you definitely shouldn ’ t stand the smell was reading single.! Tutorial for me and R-35 is a sealer/primer, so I can ’ t know if another company ’ very! Post is invaluable all images owned by Sarah Fogle & the Ugly Duckling house in skim coat over paint kitchen. Primer, but it might be worth looking in to take paint bubble ( maybe ) thinned.

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