It would be best for you to contact border police or the consulate to know what the rules are in your specific case. (Check the official press release). Visiting Cyprus? Al permitted countries are listed. Are Americans allowed to travel to Cyprus to Ercan airport if we quarantine in Turkey for 2 weeks first? Keep reading to learn about the social, religious, and business activities you are currently allowed to do on the island and the restrictions you might need to follow. Cyprus tourism minister says that British may be allowed in on July 15 Price war expected among tourist operators as demand builds. You may be able to travel from Israel directly to Greece, Unfortunately we can’t do this because it’s not possible to buy flying tickets now in Israel. How can you get your CoVid test during self isolation??? According to Reuters, the country is gearing up to reopen airports to international visitors on 9 June as restrictions are gradually lifted. If we plan to travel in middle of October, so Could you please let us know whether all the familt members(adult & childeren) should have negative PCR test report? Your email address will not be published. Have a great day! I am concerned if I send my home test kit back 72 hours before I travel, the result may not get back to me in time? Before we book air tickets then Should we have Passenger Flight Pass? The island has managed to avoid high cases of coronavirus, with just 817 confirmed. Cyprus is so keen to get its tourism industry back on track, officials are offering to cover the costs of any travelers who test positive for Covid-19 while on vacation in the Mediterranean island nation. The government of Cyprus is now requiring all tourists register and fill out a digital form, which will serve as their ‘entry pass' into Cyprus. Yes, but only from certain countries. My childeren even ready & accept 2 weeks quarantine & say we will stay more then one month(2 weeks in quarantine and the rest free),because the become so bored. However, they will only this if the number of coronavirus cases in the UK continues to fall. I want to be with her . All vaccinated visitors arriving to Cyprus will be exempt from quarantine, testing and other measures. AustraliaJapanKoreaSingaporeNew ZealandThailand. Hi Nadine – South Africa is not listed because it is not permitted for entry at this time Stay up to date with travel and events news to make … No sorry, Turkey is not even permitted at this time. Hello Ahmad, If you are throwing a party with more than 50 guests, you will need to apply for a special permit. Cyprus’ tourism will not be affected by the recent collapse of British charter and scheduled airline Thomas Cook, Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios… Load more We display the latest breaking Cyprus tourism & travel news straight from the tourist industry and online news sources. Once I get there, we are planning on getting married within the 90 days as long as everything goes good so that I can stay. You will first have to contact either Cyprus border police or the consulate to ensure your entry. If the Cyprus consulate cannot assist you, I am afraid you will have to wait longer until the rules ease up. Your online one-stop source for all Cyprus tourist related news in English. I am not sure your Germany trip will work, as residents of the UAE are not permitted at this time. Yes, also understood by trying to get Cyprus pass, it was clearly stated to get on plain you need to present a negative test taken not later than 72h. June 8, 2020. (Source: Cyprus has officially reopened its borders to travellers. We do our best to keep this article up to date with all the latest information, but the decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility. if not should I self-isolate in my apartment or I may be required to self-isolate in a hotel designated by the authorities in Cyprus? As countries around the world begin reopening, Cyprus has become the latest to outline plans as no new cases of the virus are recorded. We (Me with my family) have got Cyrus visa for one year & as my kids like your esteem country environment and their schools are off for some while ,so they are so whiling to revisit Larnaca (our visas expire date is Jan 2021), so Could you please let us know Are Afghans allow now to enter Cyprus or not?

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