Since 2011 Inclusion BC’s Transition Planning Workshop has been presented to families in communities throughout the province. Young people approaching transition age took part in a consultation in December 2013, to help Hertfordshire County Council's Youth Connexions service develop a Transition Guide for young people. PROCESS FOR TRANSITION PLANNING TRANSITION: The systematic passage between school and adult life for students with endobj 4 0 obj Knowing the Difference between High School and Post-Secondary In Florida, this is 18 years of age. 0 h�b```�0f~��� !G�����p���V}�lf���v�x�h����&��>�H������f`�Ln�4�fQ8�BbL! endstream endobj startxref These predictors of school success outline and confirm the importance of coordinated efforts in planning for transition for students with disabilities in each of the critical areas. Transition planning guide Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) APD works in partnership with local communities and private providers to assist people who have developmental disabilities and their families. Transition planning and activities begin during high school but not later … �8�4:8�:88:A ��4:@�@��A��@�j10fl�l@��G ?c� 2 TRANSITION PLANNING GUIDE • A Career and Education Planning Guide for Students with Disabilities TRANSITION PLANNING GUIDE • A Career and Education Planning Guide for Students with Disabilities 3 1 TRANSITION TOOL #1 . Prepared by: Nassau County Transition Planning Task Force Mission: To broaden the support for a full array of transition services for youth with emotional disorders For additional copies of this guide, visit or 5 2. This guide for parents of individuals with intellectual disabilities emphasizes the need for a transition plan as a crucial stage in continuous service delivery for on-going supports and for fostering the individual's successful participation in the community. A Guide for Students and Families . Families who begin transition planning early will have more time to create opportunities for their young adults to achieve their goals. A GUIDE TO TRANSITION PLANNING IN TORONTO & YORK REGIONS TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1: UNDERSTANDING TRANSITIONS 1. %%EOF Planning is about more than just college—it covers jobs and daily life skills too. <> If you have questions about this transition resource guide, please submit them to endobj 2 0 obj Secondary Transition Planning: A Guide for Indiana’s New Special Education Directors and Administrators 6 education/training, and independent living). Under federal law, transition planning must start by the time your child turns 16. 3 0 obj The purpose of transition planning is to provide your young Transition Planning The goal of transition planning is to support students with disabilities as they progress through school and prepare for life in the adult world. For youth with disabilities, families and schools work together to plan the students transition from school to work or continuing education. �����}E}�#�Rz� �4�������i��� ��?g And if the student i… Transition planning is a different kind of planning. We hope this transition guide will also help students and youth with disabilities and their families to better understand how the SEA, the LEA, and the VR agency work together to facilitate improved outcomes for students and youth with disabilities. Individual use of the Transition Resource Guide will vary based on the level of knowledge individuals have in preparing students with disabilities for adulthood. endobj Your transition planning team Student and family Friends and others that know you well Teachers and school staff Vocational Although the guide was written for parents and families of Florida’s students with disabilities, other people involved in transition planning, such as students, This guide is a valuable accompaniment to the workshop or, used on its own, can help prepare a student for life after high school. x��W�n1}G��q7���EJB�R�� �!�Æ,dU�M�M��}�&�ۦ� f����3�3��q��l���a��i��]~W���i��u�x��/�iQfMQ����M�Ϋ���#8���n��?�q���5�C�w;���vNF�N��c�JM���(0P�l9�8�bh`��%a�٧��U�5�>w;g���ng�����1�

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