src=”” alt=”Sage Spectrum Reel Review” width=”371″ height=”134″ />Sage is the company behind the manufacture of the amazing Sage Spectrum Reel for fly fishing. Being in the country of thousand lakes, Finland, we have been fishing different fishes whether it is summer or not. If you are thinking about getting a lightweight and durable fly reel, this fly reel could be the perfect choice for you. However, it offers a better and quicker drag configuration than the Spectrum reel. However, this fly reel has four different options available to choose from. And it has the special things that long liners, tight liners and euro nymphers need: a full cage design with easy, reliable spool removal. It has what every fly reel should have: durability, smooth drag, large arbor, counterbalance and a sweet sound. I'm happy to report that I don't have that issue with this reel. Free domestic freight on orders over $200. replaces the popular 4200. I'm also really into the fact that it doesn't weight a ton and compliments a lightweight rod extremely well. £14.54 postage. Modeled after the popular 4200 series, the fully machined SPECTRUM is a true large arbor performance fly reel. This open, "airy" structure really pays off in the weight department, with the entire reel checking in at just 4 3/8 ounces. Many thanks. Modern Classic- stealth. The company specialize in the manufacture of world-class fly reels, fly fishing rods, large and concave arbors, etc. The Spectrum’s body is machined from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum for optimal strength with minimal weight. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Why? The Spectrum fly reel certainly offers a solid feel to the angler. The company was initiated started in 1980 by Don Green who worked as a fly rod designer and was later joined by Bruce Kirschner. There's a confidently solid feeling while reeling thanks to the aforementioned lack of spool/frame play, and the clicking sound the reel emits is mellow but pleasant. With other reels featuring a similar setup, I was able to just grab the frame and spool and pull them apart with some modest force. Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel - Size 5/6 - Color Grey - NEW. links. ultra-light. The Sage 4200 Series Fly Reel is the parent fly reel of the Spectrum reel since the latter one was modeled being inspired with the earlier one. Cart (0) Check Out Flytackle NZ. This fly reel offers sufficient backing capacity to your fly fishing line by picking it up slowly with the maximum 8.75 inches per turn. Keeping this in mind, we started writing about equipment, techniques, and tips that can help you out in fishing in different conditions. The SPECTRUM isn't just the best reel Sage makes, it's the best reel Sage has ever made, and it comes in three "flavors": the Spectrum, Spectrum LT, and the Spectrum MAX. While the spool core is not ported, the concave design is also touted as increasing strength. However, this fly reel is tagged at a very hefty price tag. Sale Regular price $375.00 Color. The frame and spool simply separate by pushing apart. How Long Should Tippet Be? I worked this reel hard with my clients in Montauk, NY and experienced zero malfunctions, corrosion, or adverse performance. Sage did a bang-up job with creating a refined little package and delivers it all at a price that's within reach of many folks. ReelSage Spectrum …,,, Pinteres, Sage Fly Fishing Spectrum MaX-9-10 Wt. Sage’s entry-level, do-it-all reel series, the Spectrum C, has a lot of features to get excited about. In this case, the SPECTRUM C represents the entry level of sealed drag saltwater ready reels for Sage. $375.00; Sage Trout 2/3/4 Fly Reel. 100% machined for long term durability, the angler may enjoy decades of fishing with these fine reels. Adventure, Fishing & Traveling are our passions. The connection of frame to spool has very little wiggle or flex, and there's no other wobbles or unsightly gaps to be had. Sage was established by Don Green keeping a single mission in mind, i.e. Sage reels are expensive, but you get what you pay for with the Spectrum Max. $259.00; Sage Click Fly Reels. With all of that to consider, the Sage TROUT has everything I want in a fly reel. Please only bid if you intend to purchase the item. The Sage Spectrum Reel can be a good fly fishing reel choice to suit with your fly rods, and fly line, but if you are thinking about getting this fly reel, you might have to worry about not being able to get the required drag strength. £131.98. The SPECTRUM MAX will be your go-to reel for the full range of heavy duty fishing scenarios +49 (0) 8662 7070. SAGE SPECTRUM C 7/8 FLY REEL : 7-8WT . Add to Cart The SPECTRUM LT reel offering brings a sophisticated, high-performance drag system to an ultra light rigid frame. to build the best fly fishing equipment in the world. Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel KastKing Fly Fishing Combo; Sizes Available: 3-5 5-7 7-9 9-11: 3/4 5/6 7/8 9/10: 3/4 5/6 7/8: Construction: CNC precision machined aluminum: Machined die-cast construction: CNC precision machined aluminum: Reel Weight: 5.6 oz: 4.9 oz: 4.7 oz: For more of my fly fishing gear recommendations, have a look through these popular Outside Pursuits guide links: Fly … Used this … I can say the drag is exceptional for the price. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ab7c61935bb1faf839086a35e9ed5224" );document.getElementById("c42a12f715").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us at any point of time: This is unmarked and as new. Turn it halfway and you’ll get about 25% of the total drag. The reason I put it up here is because it’s in the middle in terms of expensive reels and cheap reels, yet it performs like something at the top. Hello! The Spectrum is the core of Sage’s convincing reel lineup. The Sage Spectrum Reel weighs just around 6.6 ounces which makes it a lightweight reel. The fully-machined 5/6 SPECTRUM instantly impressed me with its beautiful Lime color scheme and a highly-ported design. When grabbing and twisting those drag knobs, my fingers/knuckles would sometimes hit against the frame spokes causing some minor discomfort. I've been particularly interested in testing some lower-cost tackle lately, so this reel was a perfect fit being from the most cost-effective series of the three. Sage Spectrum LT Series Fly Reels. Now, it’s not CNC machined but regardless still very strong. Comprised of the SPECTRUM, SPECTRUM LT, and the top-tier SPECTRUM MAX, Sage's three new reel families deliver good looks and the promise of high performance. Holding the back edge of the frame and pushing the spool on each side with my thumbs gets them to separate. Search. The Sage SPECTRUM 5/6 definitely exudes quality and I find it really satisfying to both fish and admire. All reels include a neoprene Sage reel pouch. This fly reel is priced at an affordable price tag. Sage offers a lifetime warranty for this awesome fly reel. Tuned per size to match appropriate applications, our SCS drag system provides reliable, consistent, and repeatable drag pressure throughout the lifetime of the reel. But, there’s one glaring problem: Max drag. $375.00; Sage Trout 4/5/6 Fly Reel . It features a drag knob with a smaller handle, which can perform the task properly, but not as much as expected. With its affordable price tag, you won’t believe what kind of features you will get with this tremendous fly reel since it has the capability to compete with several premium fly reels. But, you need to remember that you’d be obtaining one of the worst drag strengths among popular fly reels along with this Sage Spectrum Fly Reel. The Sage Spectrum C fly reel is the top fly fishing reel for the money. Unlike the earlier one, this fly reel features enough drag strength with adjustable click and pawl drag system for the prevention of over-spooling. The new Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel is attractive, durable, and powerful. $349.00; Sage Trout 2/3/4 Fly Reel. Skip to content. £135.65. The Sage 4200 Series Fly Reel has now been discontinued, but it still features a high-performance drag system superior to the Spectrum reel. Consistent and easy drag settings are a cinch with Sage’s Reel, Fly Rod Weights Explained: Things You Must Know. The drag emits a similarly mellow but quality-sounding click as retrieval. As line exits the spool, consistency is very good, with just a soft little fluctuation in tension detected as the spool rotates—no tippet-snapping jerks or binding to be had. To re-seat the spool, I hold everything in about the same manner but pull the spool inwards with my fingers to click it back in place. Along with that, this single-revolution reel from Sage also consists of a nice stop at its bottom with 0.14 pounds. SCS Drag. The large arbor gives the SPECTRUM good retrieval speed, and I also like the fact that the spool isn't too wide for easy line leveling. The Spectrum LT is machined and built with a drag system that emphasizes light weight and economy. This fly reel is designed with fully machined 6061-T6 aluminum used for aerospace. You’d also be able to compare this fly reel with other amazing reels from the same manufacturer. Please note I do not post outside of the UK. Sage fly rods and fly reels, RIO fly lines, Redington fly fishing products and fly tying equipment from Wapsi, UNI, Kamasan, Stonfo and more. The Spectrum reel could be one of the worst reels in terms of drag strength among all the fly reels from Sage. The SPECTRUM LT reel offering brings a sophisticated, high-performance drag system to an ultra light rigid frame Crafted of machined 6061-T6 aerospace grade … The Sage Spectrum Reel can be a good fly fishing reel choice to suit with your fly rods, and fly line, but if you are thinking about getting this fly reel, you might have to worry about not being able to get the required drag strength. My Account; Wishlist; 0 View … Complete Guide: How To Fly Fish For Steelhead, Fly Fishing Setup For Beginners [Precise Guide], Perfect Guide On How To Choose Fly Fishing Line, [Must Buy] 10 Best Saltwater Fly Reels For The Money, We Have For YouSage- Who Are They?Sage Spectrum Reel ReviewComparison With Other Sage ReelsSage Click Series Fly ReelSage Fly Fishing Spectrum MaX-9-10 Wt. This fly reel can stand out at the top among the several lightweight and durable large arbor fly reels. The machined aluminum handle isn't fancy looking, but the sizing is good and a very slight tapering keeps it comfortable to hold. Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Reel Sealed Conical Drag System Large Arbor 4.8 out of 5 stars 163. Line Size: 5/6 $249.00; Sage Click Fly Reels. Well, this year Sage has introduced a fourth addition to the family, the SPECTRUM C series, that come in well under $200 … with their ultimate goal of maintaining the maximum accuracy. Then came the Spectrum C. Sage's low end fly reel but still has the same breaking system as some of their higher priced models. If you are interested in knowing more about this awesome reel from Sage, you might want to go through this article where we will be reviewing this high-end reel with proper information. While just talking about the fly reels manufactured by Sage, you will be able to find some of the most popular and highly reliable fly reels among the fly fishing community. The Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel provides smooth, confident performance in all phases, yet is priced within almost any fly angler's range. I'm also really into the fact that it doesn't weight a ton and compliments a lightweight rod extremely well. Fly Fishing Elite is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel 4.8 out of 5 stars 405. Log in Sign up. Featuring Sage's Sealed Carbon System (SCS) drag, the performance is very good with no detectable startup inertia. Sage 3880CF Carbon Fiber Fly Fishing Reel. While I would've been happy to review any model, I was especially pleased to receive a 5/6 tester from the standard SPECTRUM series. Although Sage has tried its best to prevent this reel from suffering the drop-off, they have still failed to offer enough drag to the reel. This outstanding fly fishing reel is designed with fully machined 6061-T6 aluminum of the aerospace grade. It’s like an Alex Honnold—Jimmy Chin scenario. Precise Control features & Premium Materials, including exclusive USA carbon drag discs, deliver unmatched performance and reliability under the harshest of fly fishing conditions. Spectrum C reels feature a proven, completely sealed, carbon fiber disc drag system that is smooth and powerful, with the ability to put the brakes on big species like bass, steelhead, bonefish, and salmon. Home / Fly Fishing Gear / Fly Reels / Sage / Sage Spectrum Reels. When it was first started, there were just 6 people doing the entire thing in a 1500 square feet space. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. SAGE SPECTRUM C 3/4 FLY REEL : 3-4WT . This fly reel can stand out at the top among the several Try, DEMYSTIFLY is part of the TackleTour Group, Copyright  © 2020 All Rights Reserved, The Sage SPECTRUM 5/6 definitely exudes quality and I find it really satisfying to both fish and admire. The Sage Spectrum Reel is a premium large arbor reel from Sage featuring a single-revolution drag knob and a sealed-carbon drag system which prevents the entering of water, sand, and salt. We will be discussing all the features in details in this article which is about Sage Spectrum Reel Review. When Sage was started as a business in Bainbridge Island, Washington 38 years ago, it was recognized as Winslow Rod Company because Winslow was a small town in the location. Sage Mod Fly Rod Review : An Allrounder For All Anglers, Best Saltwater Fishing Pliers : Easy Cutting & Unhooking. Orvis Helios 3D Review : King of Accuracy! One revolution drag knob featured throughout the series allows for … We are Zulfiqur & Nawrin, and we’re crazy about fishing. With three different models including the MAX, LT, and standard SPECTRUM (reviewed here), these reels offer varied levels of refinement and cover different price points ranging from $249 all the way up to $500. This reel is another large-arbor fly reel from Sage which is able to pick up your fly line quickly. And though their reels have also been on the cutting edge for quite a while, it’s likely that Sage reels have been living under the shadow of the company’s incredible rod lineup. Hardy Zephrus 5wt Review – Exactly What You Must Know, Fully Machined 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum, Fully machined 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum, Sealed carbon System (SCS) drag keeps out water, sand, Grit, and salt, One Revolution drag knob with numbered and detented settings, Large arbor for fast line pick-up, concave arbor for greater strength and capacity, Machined and anodized aluminum ergonomic handle, easy Conversion from left- to right-hand retrieve, Fully Machined 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum, cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity. Overall fit and finish is excellent. All reels include a neoprene Sage reel pouch. Spectrum C reels feature a proven, completely sealed, carbon fiber disc drag system that is smooth and powerful, with the ability to put the brakes on big species like bass, steelhead, bonefish, and salmon. Happy 2021 from … Last update on 2021-01-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. This fly reel may not be superior in comparison to the features of the Spectrum Reel, but it is priced at a similar price tag as that of the latter one. See more like this. Sage has struck a near-perfect balance between functionality and affordability with this reel series. $150.00. The Sage Spectrum Reel from Sage is modeled after the popular 4200 series from the same manufacturer. Multi-purpose reels built to cover the entire range of fly fishing applications from Brook trout to Tarpon. SPECTRUM reels are offered in a 3/4 and 5/6 (both $249) and a 7/8 and 9/10 (both $299). The rear drag knob is numbered, features light detents throughout its range of 18 settings, and goes from zero to max in slightly less than one full revolution. Best Fly Tying Vise – Now Tie Your Own Flies Perfectly! This reel just contains 2.65 pounds of drag strength, which is certainly not enough for better performance. Because it is a cast reel, it requires a simpler manufacturing process that saves in the wallet in the end. While having so much interest in it, we thought sharing different fishing equipment & tricks would be great idea. Modeled after the popular 4200 Series, the Spectrum is a true large arbor reel with highly refined feel and appearance. Sage is best known for decades of delivering some of the best fly rods ever made. But, it certainly offers more features out of your money and you won’t believe the features you get with this fly reel as compared with other high-end, premium fly fishing reels. Here is a quick comparison of this tremendous Spectrum Reel from Sage with the other high-end Sage fly reels. (Copied from Spectrum Max review, because it’s essentially identical) Let me start with the good news. Similar to the Spectrum Reel, this fly reel also consists of a single-revolution drag knob containing numbered and dented configurations. $99.99 - $129.99. This listing is for a new Sage Spectrum LT fly full frame scs drag machined and anodize. With concave spool surface, for optimal line capacity and drag-assisting smoothness, the SPECTRUM is lightweight, extremely durable, and packed with features you’d expect on higher priced reels. Similar to the Sage Spectrum Reel, this Sage Click Series Fly Reel is also made up of 6061-T6 aluminum. This fly reel doesn’t produce so much sound and stays pretty quiet which helps you to catch the fish easily while fly fishing. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. This lightweight fly fishing reel features a concave spool surface offering you the perfect drag-assisting smoothness. The first fly reel I ever owned at 8-years-old was a Sage Fly Reel and it still works today more than 25 years later, so while they don’t always get the best reviews by anglers, they’re built with high-quality materials and are made to last. This is the only bad thing about this fly reel, and in overall, it is certainly one of the best fly fishing reels available out. At IFTD 2017, Sage launched their SPECTRUM series of reels. October 12, 2018April 1, 2020 / Fly Fishing Elite. It’s only … The Spectrum C has an intelligent arbor design, a fully-sealed drag system, and a frame that combines the best of machining and die-cast production. Used, Sage Spectrum LT fly reel in silver finish . This is the only bad thing about this fly reel, and in overall, it is certainly one of the best fly fishing reels available out. This required a little more effort than I had hoped, but since spool removal is only an occasional matter, that wouldn't be any kind of deal breaker for me. To produce their outstanding fly fishing equipment, they always partner with some of the best component manufacturers all over the world. The Sage Spectrum LT Fly Fishing Reel is similar to the Spectrum reel in many cases. Will Johnson at the Ashland Fly Shop talks with George Cook about the all new Sage Spectrum C Reel as well as the Sage Spey Reel. The company is still based on Bainbridge Island, WA and has hired 175 employees who are working in a thirty-thousand square foot of space. Reel Size Quantity. While we don’t love single turn drags, this one is actually not too bad as it doesn’t suffer the same drop off as some of the other reels. Modern Classic- bronze. Are You Confused? Backing Capacity (20 pound): WF6F/100 yards, Colors: Black, Blaze, Platinum, Lime (tested), Looking for a Sage SPECTRUM fly reel? On a couple of other Sage reels I've fished, the rear drag knobs were slightly sunken into the back of the frame.

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