Puede contener trazas de nueces. Strawberries, oatmeal, toast, bacon, my finger. So far, so good. Continue to mix until smooth, creamy peanut butter consistency is formed. £9.99 £9.99 Weider Whey Protein White Spread 250 g. Crema de chocolate Blanco con 22% de proteínas Baja en azúcares Sin aceite de palma y sin gluten. Well, now you can enjoy them on-the-move with our Protein Dip Pots — ideal for lunchboxes or as a travelling snack. I hope that the lack of chocolate hazelnut at the moment is a mere aberration and that production will soon return to normal. I'd say if you are looking for a tasty, not too healthy, but not terribly unhealthy snack go for it. Smash this in your oats or just grab a spoon and eat it straight out the tub! 565 / 2,000 cal faltan. THE HEALTHY OPTION. 86% less sugar than leading brands 20% Protein Grenade Carb Killa Spread is a smooth milk chocolate flavoured spread made with whey protein. Here’s a recipe to get you started – a recipe that might just revolutionize your approach to chocolate spread… forevah! 65 % 38g Grasas. They’re made with quality whey protein concentrate, delivering a massive 21g of protein per 100g to support your training goals, as protein helps to grow and maintain muscle.1. Our Milk Chocolate and Hazel Nutter flavours are all gluten free. The taste is great and overall I’m glad that I purchased this. My mind was blown, Chocolate Hazelnut is basically Nutella but protein enhanced and over 75% reduced sugar! You will NOT be disappointed! Then add the flour and whisk again until combined. Goes Well With:Protein pancakes, porridge. For allergens, see ingredients in bold . jindal cocoa - protein chocolate spread. The delicious Carb Killa® protein spreads are low in sugar but don’t compromise on taste. To give it another shot I spread it on my morning protein pancakes the following day and luckily enough it tasted delish melted on my pancakes. With Peanut allergy on the rise, many schools, day-cares, and kindergartens stipulate a nut free policy. Protein in Chocolate Hazelnut Spread A great source of protein, a single serving of chocolate hazelnut spread contains 4% of recommended daily values or 2 grams of protein. It has a taste of the sort of cheap chocolate you can buy in the shops, BUT it's actually quite nice and satisfies my sweet tooth especially when it melts on porridge. 1 jar Protein Spread (Chocolate Hazelnut) What to do: Preheat your oven to 175°C/350°F. An indulgent white chocolate flavored spread filled with crunchy cookie pieces. Crema de chocolate crujiente Con trocitos de avellana Baja en azúcares y grasa Alto contenido en … Can’t get enough of our delicious Protein Spreads? In fact, add some chopped hazelnuts in there and it’s not far off. Do not refrigerate or freeze. We won’t judge. I purchased the white chocolate spread and was very excited to tuck into the pot with my spoon. Goes Well With:Toast/Oats/Shake/Spoon. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. But fear not, The Muscle Baker has come to the rescue with Bulktella – a high protein chocolate spread that you can make at home with only four ingredients. The nutritional values are more than convincing: 21g of high-quality whey protein and only 2.1g of sugar. 565 cal. 1. This protein chocolate peanut butter spread comes out to just 60 calories per 2 tbsp and a whopping 8g of protein in each serving. But as a type 1 diabetic just be careful that the sweetener is Malitol (causes blood glucose levels to rise) which isn’t great for me but I couldn’t resist buying it but just be aware. Customer reviews are independent and do not represent the views of Myprotein. Ingredientes de WHEY PROTEIN WHITE SPREAD 250g CHOCOLATE BLANCO: Aceites vegetales (colza, karité, coco), edulcorante (malitol), 28% concentrado de proteína de suero de leche, emulgente (lecitina de soja), aroma. Love these spreads, however, a dark chocolate version would really float my boat. Ingredients. Perhaps to my benefit, I found it tasted very chalky and gloopy like paste. I can completely see the reason behind this, but nuts are such a wonderful vehicle for providing protein and healthy fats for kids. I would like to see an upgrade, where less sugar is used and more natural sweeteners for health benefits. Use your spread on crackers, fresh fruit, in a sandwich with some peanut butter, or anything else you can think of! https://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/protein-spreads/11691950.html Carb Killa Protein Spread contiene casi un 90% menos de azúcares y el triple de proteínas que los productos similares de otras marcas. Make BULKtella! Place in a airtight container and store in the fridge for up to 1-2 weeks. NutProtein Choco Spread de Weider es una deliciosa crema de cacao para untar, elaborada con auténticas avellanas y proteína de suero de alta calidad, ¡ideal para regalarte un momento de placer a la vez que cuidas tu figura!. Love this in every flavour - it’s the best choc spread I’ve ever tried! NUTPROTEIN CHOCO SPREAD Crema hiperproteica de cacao y avellanas. Ingredients. A deliciously indulgent european chocolate spread made with whey protein. So, i came across this product and was intrigued, I've seen other companies do Protein Spread, but wanted to try how these taste.

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