Who can I notify? Check your account information in CONNECT is up-to-date and accurate. Apparently I was placed on that list in addition to my case being expedited in their system. Many readers have commented that it took them several hours and hundreds of attempts to try and speak to someone around their unemployment questions. I have contacted some elected officials and the unemployment office still won’t respond. You have to call 1-800-204-2418 option 5. There is no explanation, nowhere to ask, nowhere to “claim” back pay- even though I made it clear when my first day of unemployment began. Please if anyone can answer this I’d appreciate it. I lost my home over all of this, have been staying in a “not so great hotel” Nothing but drugs,prostitution and break in’s to vehicles here but it was only place I could afford and that would rent me a room since I have so many kids… But I really counted on the back pay coming in by now and since it hasn’t and my money has run out my kids and I are actually staying our last night tonight so at 11am tomorrow we have to check out and I have absolutely no clue where to go,what to do or anything…. It doesn’t make sense. I am seeing in the comment section that others are also experiencing the same automated message when they call for the past few weeks: “Due to the high volume of calls waiting, we cannot take your call at this time. • If you lose your UC PIN or never received one in the mail. They “further expedited” my case and I was told, by the woman I spoke with, that NJ is now starting this new process, where they compile a list of callers who have been waiting an exorbitant amount of time for answers or action (like myself), and at the end of the day, that list goes to supervisors that have more pull to put it through to the people who evaluate each case. What do I do? 7:59! THERE IS SOMETHING BIGGER GOING ON. I’ve been calling that number for the last 4 days still haven’t been able to get threw, My son filed for umeployment on march 15 2020 and the PUA he have lost his place and everything he is still waiting haven t even recieved his card the giving the amount he suppose to get every week but know nothng do anyone know how to contact the Georiga DOL here in Ga i have fax the text them and sent a handwritten letter still have not heard any. If you have specific questions about safety issues in your workplace, you can talk to your health and safety representative or a member of your Joint Health and Safety Committee. Do not give up. People are losing everything because of the labor dept. If you have questions about Unemployment Insurance, please call our Customer Service Center at 800-244-5631. if you call them after hours you can get them for them to tell you that they’re closed but if you call them during hours they act like they system is not working it’s so frustrating right now to keep requesting weekly benefits to not receive anything. I am at a total loss as of what to do. This may help others or hopefully gets you more information on your issue. Will I receive my back pay benefits? That’s why most agencies are directing people to their website to get more information. It appears that getting a hold of anyone is just about impossible!. And they will tell you whatever they can to get you off the phone and move on to the next person. And the issue is getting through in the first place. I’ve been trying again today & have literally been on hold since 11AM. Someone please help is like to certify my claim today since its Sunday, Me too… Started this undertaking in June 2020…and here it is Nov.2020.. Did everything they said e…and now..They say ..I have to appeal it..I’ve been denied..after after I wD excited. I called the day before yesterday and I was told that the process could take 15 days to be patient but they are working on it and the man that I spoke to asked that I pass on this information to anyone struggling to get through to unemployment, he urges you all to contact your local Senator’s office or councilman’s office for assistance. Required fields are marked *. In meantime bills pile up …billions of dollars are sitting there supposedy for this one particiular group of unemployed due to pandemic.there 3 phone numbers to call no way to get thru to any of them,,bizzy 24/7…nobody repsonds to email or texts,,even tho i faxed in all info needed and keep applying weekly ..where will it end? My kids and I REALLY need this money!!!!! Oh yes I have been getting that also for weeks. I’ve tried calling every number I can find. Keep calling repeatedly until u hear “for pin problems press 1, for problems certifying for benefits press 2.” Press #2.. You will then hear please hold for the next representative, your current Wait time is.. … Keep calling it may take u like 10-15 times but u will get thru, I have not received my LWA. I did not receive any Docusign email. And even if one does get through to a live representative they don’t always get an answer from the call center person they speak to, who often is not even aware of the new provisions in place and really just there to triage calls. I get the same message as other states…”due to high call volume, we cannot answer your call, please call back tomorrow”. Please let us know if you can help us get our back pay. 866-832-2363 8:15am to 4:30pm, Monday - Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday (closed Sunday and state holidays. I am thankful- it seems somehow I have been approved for a weekly amount- but how did they decide on that? I didn’t receive payment yet for 9/6 which I should have on 9/9 per previous experience for my payment DD. I need help so bad. I put applications in but its hard to even get to an interview or even back or forth to a job with no money for gas. I follow a number on Twitter and Facebook, so you can follow me to get curated updates. I have called many offices in Ga and still no answers. I made a mistake on my claim and cant seem to get a agent on the phone. • If you are separated from your part-time employment and are actively filing. They are close to $20,000 that I’m supposed to get paid from back dates and all the current weeks I’ve been filing since, please help me with my unemployment for pua I have certified five times and I haven’t received anything I also have not received the letter in the mail. Extension went through in the beginning of July I called and actually spoke with someone who said I was approved for the extension. We are all being scammed. There is an Unemployment sub-forum here on CD. The content of this site is for informational purposes only. I filed UI in May, and so far have not received retroactive money. 1 Questions & Answers Place. I have the letter approving me for back payments from 2-2-2020 but never received them can someone please help me. Can u please help me and tell me how did you get your The Back-up dated money I haven’t received anything since June and I’ve been trying to get in touch with every number everything and I don’t know what to do if I have two babies and I don’t even have a dollar to my name I’m sure they supposed to pay me all that back there in money like you said they paid you back but if there was a way that you know how to do it or something please if you can you can email me you can give me a call please help me out I’m a single mom with two kids and struggling I just got an eviction and is very hard please help me in any way thank you and God bless, Can some help i as friend to lose everything no were to go. Hi Donna, I suggest calling 5 minutes before they open which I heard is either 7 am or 8 am. See the PA resource page for more information and reader comments. I never reforged my card yes I’ve called bank and irs unemployment asaid everything I needed for identity no live bankers get and now they hadn’t up on me I’m now since homeless and miss my children please help Az Crystal. I was approved and got the card but no money still. ive reached out to my legislators and state representative’s and still not a thing i just dont get how hard it is to push some buttons and actually help people find out what’s going on with our cases must be nice their working why should they care just like the negotiations form another stimulus check they do not care about the American people thye are millionaires and still working how convenient. But what time.the system is set up with dates and time. Applied for UI NJ March missed my monetary call then tried calling everyday and finally got through in August got my monetary call September I was told i was denied for UI but I was qoing to get PUA. i was approved but they didnt backdate. Also, the supervisors refuse to speak to anyone, even those is the state house. Don’t Refile just continue claiming on my scheduled day when it allowed me to actually certify it said not payable. Ours needs to be that way…. This might be discrimination. For more on the various comments and hundreds of comments around challenges with filing and get paid see the GA UI Forum page. i just got my a check a few weeks ago but i have ben filing since june andi still have no pandemic pay when will i recieve my back pay, I am not getting of the $600.00 retroactive money as of yet. I got in touch with someone the other day and they told me that my case was not turned in properly but still I wait with no answers. And then there was one who told me they have a system they can see the dates the FPUC payments were made, but it’s a separate screen only they can see. I was given the option to enter a phone number for an agent to call me without losing my place in the queue. The effect of COVID-19 on your employment must be due to one of the COVID-19 related reasons in the CARES Act for PUA eligibility. If you have found any effective ways of getting in touch with someone in your state, please leave a comment (and your state) below. Connect is the online portal for managing your DEO UI account is will be available from 8 a.m. to 7:59 p.m. daily, Monday – Friday (maintenance and processsing takes place over the weekend). Life is very stressful and sad!!! Can someone else help us, how can we reach them. While the response time may not be amazing it is actually a good way to get some specific feedback on your case and delays in payments. Can someone tell me what is going on. However, when I completed the application online, the monetary determination letter shows the claim effective date as 08/30/20 so I am unable to complete the weekly certification for the weeks my hours were cut. Does anyone have a good method for reaching a live person on the phone for Nevada UI? When I finally got thru, they only told me what is available to see online. I don’t have any family still living so I don’t have anyone to turn to for help so I’m lost as to what to do…. ill keep calling but, Your email address will not be published. I can’t send them FedEx because it’s a P.O.box. Need house essentials? I cannot get any answers!! In almost all cases, the elected representative will contact you almost immediately, then contact the state DOL, which in turn will contact you. General information is available anytime. On the 13th of August i finally get a notice stating the reason for my disqualification. It is now 2:30PM. Anonymously report Unemployment Insurance Fraud to the VEC by calling 1-800-782-4001. This time I couldn’t even certify. You can also call this number it you were unable to file your claim because of capacity or system limitations or to discuss backdating your claim with a representative. Good luck to everyone trying to navigate through this process.”. If you think your union acted unfairly or did not help you for a reason that goes against your human rights, speak with your workplace’s union representative. Several weeks ago, I accidentally stated on my weekly claim that I turned down work and my benefits were suspended while they “review my case.” I had called their offices on October 7th (I believe it was) to correct this error, and spoke with a very nice woman who expedite my case. What has America come to? Everyone else is. They start date of my claim goes back to Marc 3. I emailed, been waiting patiently and called but nothing. I call every day and email everyday. I have seen a lot of other states there website had it set up where you can go on and choose whichever weeks you have not been paid for, fill it out and then every one says they usually get it in with their next weekly payment!! After this filing, your ex-employer may submit an objection with the agency, arguing that you are not entitled to unemployment benefits. TWC customer service or for complex claim issues: then Backdate the Effective Date of my UI Claim Due to COVID-19. i wont let this go. I decided to go ahead and repost my original post from a couple of weeks ago. This article was last updated on December 8. My account states ever weekly certification is scheduled to be paid. State Unemployment Claims Representative Jobs, Employment | Indeed.com I’m single with 3 kids and I’m struggling getting ready to loose my car among other things. I just don’t want to reopen again if I actually did that last week and these are just generic options for everyone at this point. See our. I sent them twice! GOOD LUCK (Bridgette from NY). I got my reg pay but not the 1800. I went to file my PUA today and it said it was cancelled terminated or withdrawn. Well talking to them gets you no where its all false my situation is so ridiculous. I need some assistamce i have been waiting for my assistance is their any help for me and my family.. Reemployment Assistance Hotline for UI Claims –. I called from end of march and could never get through, finally was able to borrow a laptop and apply online in the beginning of this month. Still nothing. I have been receiving my benefits every week onto my debit card fine, once I file my weekly certification and it’s approved and payment shows to be sent out, however this week payment were sent on on the 20th of July to my UC debit card and I still don’t have the money posted to my debit card . A guaranteed way to get through to talk to Unemployment on the phone. I am in NJ. I live in NJ and exhausted my unemployment benefits. After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. I am just really tired of hearing “just be patient” from the representatives… I feel I have been but at this point with my situation my patience are gone and I am being told to wait and wait because of one of their employees making mistakes filing my claim NOT because of anything I did wrong!! Cuomo But now I’m scared that the state will have no funds. To get specific claim support or information call the following numbers between 8 a.m. to 12 noon (Pacific time), Monday through Friday: For English: 1-800-300-5616; For Spanish: 1-800-326-8937, Automated phone line to certify: English: 1-866-333-4606; Spanish: 1-866-333-4606. I’ll repeat it again, but don’t share your SSN or other private information over email or to callers whose identity is not verified, unless you have to. I was told I’d have a response by this week. Its 8am-8pm 7day/wk. I am needing help..Thank you, Your system was down.they Apologize said to try again they gave a different time.I try. When I first looked into this issue in July, the response time was 6 weeks, I’m in NH benefit year ran out August 29th I had been collecting up until March 2020 and not realized in March that I could apply for extended benefits so from March -July 29th I didn’t receive benefits I most likely qualified for including that extra $600 can I back date for those weeks? You need to request the PUA group to backdate your claim to 4/24/20 so that the weekly certifications from that date are made available for you to complete. sometimes you can get right through and other times you have to call 100 times to get through. Call: 800-558-8321. It’s Wednesday and nothing has changed yet. In cases where you cannot get through to someone or are just a completely frustrated with the answers you’ve been getting you should try contacting your local, state or district representative. Saying they needed verification of my identity and so On the 17th of August, i mailed out the required documents to the address they gave me. Does the time of day matter? Relicard has no info on me when I type in my info to find out where my card is. Tell the representative your issue. Im also in CA, i have been unemployed since march and i have applied twice, but they put me under regular unemployment to pay me $102 a week, when i have specifically in details included it happened due to COVID they disqualified me… on what grounds i have no clue. WANE-TV | 7h. State House Representative Dan Leonard (R-Huntington) is in his 18th year representing District 50. I selected this option only to hear a follow-up message that no agent was available to call me back and to call back at a later time. I still haven’t t seen a dime. Alabama Unemployment is a crock. Also, having a seasoned representative beside you can be invaluable in accessing and navigating the legal system in a time of stress and need. They havent even started reviewing the backpay applications yet. Only UI Customer Service Representatives can provide accurate answers to your unemployment insurance questions. Close. I know of people who literarily lying and abusing the system and getting paid still, i just need to feed my kid and give her the essentials. In fact under federal guidelines for these programs, states must provide claimants with alternate modes of contact, which may include email, and communicate with the claimantbased on his or her preferred method of contact. I called my state legislature to have them assist, as it was said to be an option. I am eligible but still have not received it. I applied 11/6/2020 and have not received any communication what so ever. Claim status and payment request options are available daily, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m (CT). In the Subject line of the email, indicate BACK DATE REQUEST and in the body please indicate exactly when and how COVID affected your employment or self-employment and which weeks you wish to claim. 527 State Unemployment Claims Representative jobs available on Indeed.com. Customer Service is available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.: To speak to a representative, call the automated phone system: Twin Cities area: 651-296-3644 I am in NC but the been out of work since end of March ,getting weekly payments but been trying to get my back pay for over 2 months and keep being told to be patient I will get it they just can’t tell me when… not even an estimated time frame just say be patient! … I am writing this in the hopes that someone who can assist sees this… or knows a trick that, perhaps, I don’t. I called the Missouri Unemployment Customer service number yesterday at 7:58 AM. No luck—same automated message. It’s been very frustrating and creating a lot of financial hardship as you can see from some of the comments below. I am patiently waiting what else can I do? I have been submitting my weekly claims and have NOT received a payment yet! We wanted to fill in the right dates on the application but it wouldn’t let us put the date for January 2020. One thing you should definitely avoid is trying to use a third-party or online agency who will want to charge you to follow up on your claim. It said those people should hear from a representative within 72 hours -- so by 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Nor did I ever receive an email from the Dept.of labor(unemployment). Just keep uploading forms and documents on the site. Your email address will not be published. I am owed this and was not my fault i couldnt file. Can’t get thru to the office. I am eligible as stated by Gov. An emailed was supposed to be sent to me but I have not received no email or letter. esp with my vehicle sitting on empty and I am not from around here so I don’t know anyone and I Was raised by my grandparents so as far as I know. im the only who takes care of her, and i have literarily gotten into so much debt. Then I noticed a message in red that stated don’t do anything at this time and you will be notified with instructions on what to do. Oh and btw that weekly filing has to be done on a specific day of the week. I emailed the director and he wasn’t much help so this week 9/13 do i really have to reopen again to file for peuc or pua considering I just reopened LAST week for what I thought was peuc or do I file weekly benefits?

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