I was just wondering, if I was able to move Derkeethus shop in Darkwater Crossing to Whiterun. Meet Derkeethus. I always felt like he was the follower that BethSoft let the intern script. The only Argonian follower in Skyrim and also, arguably, the most unreliable because of bugs like running away from your marriage ceremony and losing items given to him. And some of the potential wives in Skyrim can also remain your followers after the wedding ceremony and fight by your side. View all videos . Though your options for marriage are many, including male and female characters and a dozen choices of race, there is one limitation in Skyrim that will prevent you from marrying Serana: you can not get married to vampires. The rocky shelf inside Derkeethus' cell (added in 1.0) has been removed. There are 30 females, available as potential wives in the game and its expansions. Derkeethus is essential, you cannot kill him with commands or anything. You can marry whoever you want provided you meet the required conditions. He's Argonian 2. Award. Favorite. But something was happening afterwards. He's a great archer (he can take down a plopsload of health from Falmer Shadowmasters from one shot if you give him the gear and enchantments I gave him) 3. Getting married in Skyrim might seem pointless but it’s not without its benefits. She’s also the only Redguard in our best wives in Skyrim list. Gamepedia. Wawoul Offline Posted . Sign In. Rayya is one of the few Redguards you can marry in Skyrim. In the game I just completed the Darkwater Pass quest where I rescued the argonian Derkeethus from the falmer. Probably because of his shop, which is so far away from Whiterun. Argonian Gender. There's no fix, it's broken. You’ll need to find an Amulet of Mara. Derkeethus - Skyrim Wiki. Skyrim: 20 Best Wives & How To Marry Them. Skyrim Console Commands Commands Followers Characters Item Codes Marriage Partners Races Spells DO NOT GET DERKEETHUS DO NOT MARRY HIM I married him and he's got a bug where when you move to a house, he just runs to the darkwater crossing again. The open world of Skyrim allows you to do nearly anything you want to do in the game.Something you can do in the game is marry certain characters you encounter during your adventures. To convince Derkeethus to join you, you will need to complete Derkeethus's quest. Getting married comes with several perks depending on who you select. I married him, and we moved into my Breezehome in Whiterun, but he never shows up. Rayya will then appear as your Housecarl, and you can get to work convincing her to be yours. One has to do with Derkeethus running back to Darkwater Crossing even though we are married and I own Lakeview Manor (no other houses) and the other occured when I tried to make Aela the steward, where she will run back to Jorvaskr after being dismissed as a follower. Skyrim allows one marriage and only one per Dragonborn, even if your spouse is killed — unless you use mods or console commands. Check out our comprehensive guide. How to Get a Wife in Skyrim? Male Location. Share. Whenever we got outside of the cave I had the amulet of Mara equipped, and so chose the option to marry him. I married him he walked out I chased him and said to come live with me and I haven’t seen him since... Derkeethus come home! In addition to failing to participate in his Bladely duties unless he … (Please help me) Also I’m playing on switch so no commands/cheats! Now if you don't want to read this you don't have to, it's just a couple of reasons as to why I think Derkeethus is a great follower and why he's my Skyrim BFF. Page 1 of 3 - Derkeethus Marriage quick fix - posted in File topics: Derkeethus Marriage quick fixKeeps Derkeethus from running back home after marriage or recruitment in the Blades faction. Thankfully, Skyrim recognises the importance of marriage equality, so you can marry anyone on this list below regardless of your character’s gender. He is an Argonian miner that worked in the Goldenrock Mine in Darkwater Crossing but he went missing. I am somewhat far enough to where I DO NOT want to start over but I can’t ***** find my husband I remember marrying him. Jump to: navigation, search. He has quite a few of them; more than many followers in Skyrim, and that's saying something. Getting married in Skyrim is actually pretty easy; just head to the settlement of Riften, and enter the Temple of Mara. Register. In short, you will need to find a girl you like, fulfill her conditions (often it will be some kind of quest), and she becomes your candidate for marriage. Joined: May 24, 2012 Messages: 18 Likes Received: 3 Reputation: 0 Watch Is To Hideout how to get the ONLY Argonian Follower In Skyrim. Marriage Exceptions. This moves the original Derkeethus to the correct location for the quest to autocomplete. Skyrim Marriage Problem (?) From Skyrim Wiki. Created by. A better workaround is to move to the location where Derkeethus wants to get to, this is the outside the pass at the East exit, then open the console and type: PRID 1b08d MoveTo Player Press enter after each line. Just like in real life, marriage is a personal choice. We list all the possible characters you can marry and explain how to tie the knot in Skyrim. ; Walkthrough [] Exterior []. Darkwater Crossing : Class. Skyrimg New Member. Derkeethus. I have 2 issues with Hearthfire (I think) that are bugging me to no end. Derkeethus has been moved to the back of his cell to prevent dialog with him triggering while the door is still locked, which results in unsupported AI behavior. How to get married in Skyrim 1. How To Get The Argonian Follower (Derkeethus) Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Skyrimg, Jun 13, 2012. Skyrim marriage bug with Derkeethus? Ranger Services. ... More posts from the skyrim community. 3 comments. Posted by 2 days ago. Last week I wrote an article on the Skyrim Fansite giving three compelling reasons why players should get married in Skyrim (if you missed the article, you can read it here — also, be sure to read the comments section; Skyrim Fansite member Rodrigo Rocchi mentions a fourth reason to get married). To locate this cave, leave Darkwater Crossing via the bridge heading south, on the far side take the road towards Fort Amol to the west and shortly before reaching the next bridge the path is on your left, marked by a pile of rocks. Unfavorite. Skyrim marriage gives you someone to love and care for in your virtual life, and a number of significant benefits. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I tried toget a divorce mod but then it wouldn't let me open Skyrim so I had to delete it. Skyrim Marriage - Gay Derkeethus Ep 1. Extracting an Argonian: Rescue Derkeethus from his Falmer captors. She got married to Derkeethus, the argonian you rescue from Darkwater Pass, and she had a house in Whiterun. All you need to do is become the Thane of Falkreath, which will see you awarded a house in the town. I just started back playing Skyrim on my ps3 after a few months. These symbols of the goddess of love, which reduce the cost of restoration spells by … This is actually a known bug for Derkeethus. 1. 15.4k. I am not sure where else to turn for this.. Help . So I bought Skyrim, a used copy, and the game has been very glitchy and full of bugs but I heard that's also "normal" for Skyrim. Last week I wrote an article on the Skyrim Fansite giving three compelling reasons why players should get married in Skyrim (if you missed the article, you can read it here — also, be sure to read the comments section; Skyrim Fansite member Rodrigo Rocchi mentions a fourth reason to get married). The first step to any Skyrim marriage proposal is obtaining an Amulet of Mara. Follower Marriage Candidate Derkeethus is one of the residents of Darkwater Crossing. Derkeethus will now immediately thank you upon opening his cell, rather than giving a generic greeting. So went through the whole process of going … Followers level up depending on your level, up to the follower's maximum level, which can vary. I was hoping it could somehow overwrite the general Marriage-Script [for Derkeethus] which is used for all Partners -about quitting the Church and vanishing, if you don't cancel out of the dialoge and tell them where you will live before they quit- but, what it indeed DOES, is fixing Derkeethus' runaway-Behavior. Related Quests []. Making Derkeethus a steward in Hearthfire - posted in Skyrim Mod Talk: Im working on a mod that will let Derkeethus be a steward for the estates in Hearthfire. So far its going well and complete, he will offer to be a steward and do steward duties normally as far as Ive tested. Just like in real life, marriage is a personal choice. Okay, so my friend and I both got Skyrim, and while I was watching her play, she went through the marriage through the amulet of mara item. Dec 5, 2011 @ 9:01am. Apart from unlocking an achievement, you’ll get someone to cook for you and even make money. Favorited. From Aela to Mjoll the Lioness, here are our picks for the best wives in Skyrim, as well as tips for gaining their trust and romancing them. Okay so I've married Derkeethus and I haven't had him as my follower for a while now, I thought he'd go to his home in darkwater, I went to go get him and he's not there, AT ALL I checked the mine all of my houses, he's nowhere to be found, anybody have any guesses as of where he might be? Derkeethus is a non playable character that appears in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Page 1 of 3 - Marriable Characters in Skyrim - posted in Skyrim Guides: This page is a supplement to our How to Get Married in Skyrim guide, containing a list of every man and woman available for marriage in Skyrim. To help you decide I’ve put together this list of the best wives in Skyrim. Derkeethus {{{extra}}} Race. He had actually been captured by the Falmer and if he's rescued by the Dragonborn he can become a Follower, a potential candidate for marriage and the Blades.

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