We kept a decent pace up the mountain and had a few short breaks. The main route up the UK’s highest peak is long, dull and monotonous. I know once I mentioned Base Camp it could be assumed that I'd find Ben Nevis a stroll but it was nearly the death of me. Myself and my husband are planning on visiting Fort William as part of our 2 week trip to Scotland (in June / September, still undecided!) From the station you can take the N41/42 bus route to Ben Nevis or some choose to walk as it’s less than two miles. This is a truly spectacular route incorporating two Munros. 4 5 6. eddy oh ho 22 Jan 2006. How long does it take to climb Ben Nevis? Spend the weekend in the Grampian Mountains. Alternatively take one of several icey direct finishes possible at the end of the ramp at III or IV. and I'm really keen to walk up Ben Nevis.I'm very fit but he isn't and I'm worried he might find it too tough. Am planning on doing the three peaks (independantly) so was just trying to work out timings. You can also choose to go on a longer program, covering more ground around Ben Nevis. Whilst Ben Nevis does have a walker’s route, it can still be treacherous at certain times of the year. Here I tell you about my Ben Nevis walk, including tips for hiking solo, what to wear for the hike and how long it will take you to climb Ben Nevis. ! Skip to content. How long does it take to climb Ben Nevis? As a rough guide we state the average person climbing via the mountain track, can do the climb in roughly 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours, during the summer months. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete the ascent and descent of Ben Aan, depending on how long you linger at the top to admire the views (and we recommend that you do)! It's 109 miles from Glasgow, and this trip can be done in 2 and a half hours. The seven hour walk has caught out more than a few inexperienced trekkers over the years. Can anyone climb Ben Nevis? The direct route from this side is up Carn Dearg (not to be confused with the one to the north!) How long does it take to climb Ben A’an? We quickly realised that our challenge wasn't to “just" climb up to over 4,000 feet, it was to do it without shattering bones or egos… unfortunately the latter wasn't achieved!! ben more how long to climb. Ben Nevis Walk Time. ONE WAY ONLY. The climb generally takes anywhere between 7 and 9 hours. Gardyloo Gully (II or harder). Summer or Winter! If you allow 12 hours as a maximum, plan to turn around after 6 hours at the latest whether you’re at the top or not! If you’re at a good fitness level, or you’re used to hill walking, big boy Ben will be no real trouble for you. Ben Nevis by the Carn Mor Dearg Arete. Asked by Wiki User. Car Rental near Ben Nevis If you’re staying in the area, in which case lucky you as you’re spoilt for choice with hiking routes and stunning surroundings, then you may wish to rent a car. The roads in Scotland are not fast, so expect your journey to take just over 3 hours. Climb Ben Lomond . How Long does it take to climb Ben Nevis? So the first thing nobody told us about Ben Nevis was… the path isn't really a path… it's more like a convenient rock slide! Top Answer. Take a left turn following the sign for Ben Nevis. !Allow 8 hours up and down – but it could take 10 or 12 hours if you’re lacking the fitness. 5 Answers. There are three paths to ascend Ben Nevis, the tourist path for novice walkers, and experienced hillwalkers can take the Torlundy route … Furthermore, many people climb Ben Nevis for the amazing views it gives, of the nearby towns, valleys and lochs. Where is Ben Nevis, how tall is Ben Nevis & How do I get there. It's height is 3,196 feet, 974 metres. How long will it take me to climb Ben Nevis? Also includes places to stay in Fort William before and after your hike. Most people choose to start their climb by at least 9am. If it’s taking you that long, then you’ll be suffering even more on the descent. Ben Nevis is located in the Scottish Highlands, close to the town of Fort William. Home; Hakkımızda; Hizmetlerimiz; Fotoğraf Galerisi; ben more how long to climb Hear pronunciation Press to hear pronunciation. Ben Nevis: height of Scotland’s tallest mountain, when to climb it and how long it takes - and best routes for various skill levels By Finlay Greig Tuesday, 6th October 2020, 3:51 pm Wiki User Answered . There are 282 munros in Scotland and Ben Lomond is the most southerly of them. Is Ben Aan dog-friendly? For experienced, fit mountain walkers who do not mind easy scrambling but are not climbers, this is the finest way to climb Ben Nevis. While we have walked Ben Nevis a few times, once question we’re always asked is, how long does it take to climb Ben Nevis. It will usually take between 7 - 9 hours to complete following the Mountain Track, with an approximate ascent of 3.5 - … Arrive the night before you attempt to complete the Climb Ben Nevis Challenge, and relax knowing that you won’t have far to go after the challenge is done. Height Gained – 1200 metres, Distance – 4.4 km, Time –4 hours. How Long Does It Take To Climb Ben Nevis? Ben Nevis from Steall Falls.

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