Copyright © All rights reserved. Remember the saucepans for my new induction hob? Making Gumtree safe for buyers and sellers Friday 25 May 2012, by The Media Team. If the buyer … If in doubt then trust your instinct and tell the buyer… You can pay to increase the visibility of your ad, using one or all of the following options: Users of Gumtree can be targeted by a range of scams. I would seriously stay well away from gumtree as they simply don't care. We previously moved to restrict the sale of items that were in high demand such as hand sanitisers and PPE, and will move to do the same if required. Anything bought since October 1st 2015 is covered by the Consumer Rights Act, which we cover in full detail here; anything bought before then is covered by the old Sale of Goods Act 1979. Find buyer right ads from Freshwater 2096, NSW. Trade affordable furniture and preowned games, or find the right buyer for a used car, … The contents of this blog are for information and ideas, and should not be viewed as financial advice. I read through your article, and it was mind-blowing, that I had to read through it over and over again. Before organising a test drive or revealing your address, get the potential buyer’s full details. You can create ads for free, without worrying about listing fees. Click here for more on taking great photos of your car. Buy & sell cars, property, electronics, or find a job near you. Don’t forget to delete your Gumtree ad, or you’ll continue to get contacted by prospective buyers. Can the buyer collect the item from your place of work for example, if you work somewhere that’s easier to get to than your home, or would you consider posting the item via a courier? To give you that extra bit of … This is part of a series of articles on selling a car, including Auto Trader,, eBay, Evans Halshaw and more. I don't know how they get by, but it's meant that they've steered … Do offer different options for collection or delivery . Trade preowned furniture, clothing & games, or find the right buyer for your used car. Look out for fake Gumtree or banking websites and check links before clicking on the link; also insist that buyers call you to avoid numbers that use hugely expensive premium rates. They can … And a basement) which I’m keen to sell online. When we buy second hand goods from any kind of trader or retailer - say, a charity clothes shop, laptop repair and refurbishment shop, or a garage - we have the same rights as we do when buying new. The nice man even agreed to take less, at £25, and dropped them round on his way to the gym. Plus, if you’re buying and selling locally, with stuff to be collected, it also avoids the faff and expense of postage and packing. If you own items that are in high … When communicating with buyers, keep all communication within Gumtree’s messaging service (click ‘reply to ad’) and avoid listing your mobile number on the main page; you can always give it to buyers further down the track. The classified ads website – the largest in the UK – is about much more than used furniture. If you're new to online selling, and have more experience in linking up with people for quick transactions, Gumtree is definitely more suited for you. Selling items online that you no longer need is a great way to raise spare cash. Spotlight: to get your ad featured on Gumtree’s (rather busy) homepage - pictured below - costs £24.95 for seven days. Find the right price. Gumtree buyers can have a tendency to haggle for a lower price, so if you start a little higher then it gives you a starting point to negotiate. If you are unsure about any investments or financial issues, please contact a financial adviser. Images are hugely important. Zuto Limited is a credit broker, not a lender. As a classified ads website, it’s important to recognise the difference between Gumtree and car buying websites such as, or more specialised ads websites such as Auto Trader. There are two things to watch out for: firstly, make sure you select ‘Private’ as your seller type, to get a free advert. You can then add up to nine images, a price, a description and even link to a YouTube video, although links will cost you £7.50 each. (Think Debretts but for second hand stuff). Visit Gumtree South Africa, your local online classifieds with thousands of live listings! Unlike many other used car websites, Gumtree doesn’t have a built-in valuation tool. Marcus Rockey, who runs tips website The Used Car Guy, recommends you search for your model of car in a 100-mile radius and look at the prices: “The rule of thumb is that your car should be in the cheapest third of all comparative cars in a 100-mile radius, to help make a sell in a couple of weeks.”. Meet at your home and at no point give the potential buyer your car keys or allow them to be in the car by themselves or otherwise out of sight. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. The best way to accept payment in cash is at a bank, where staff can count the money and confirm it’s genuine (or check yourself). I have a cupboard full of clutter (who am I kidding? Do say in the comments, I’d love to hear! Phishing scams ask you provide personal information and details: Gumtree says they'll never ask for your login, password, bank or credit card details. This is just the first in a series of articles on selling a car, including Auto Trader, webuyanycar, eBay, Evans Halshaw and more. Describe the item in detail. We all have stuff we’d like to get rid of, or bargains we’d like to buy without paying high-street prices. You can notify the DVLA that you’ve sold the car online, or by tearing off the bottom section of your V5C document and send it to the DVLA, saying you’ve sold the car. You wouldn't believe how many people still don't have PayPal accounts. Gumtree operates on the buyer beware system but it’s always best to sell with integrity. Do you want to comment on this article? It’s packed with simple tips for both buyers and sellers, to give you confidence using online marketplaces, right from making first contact to meeting up to exchange the goods and arranging the transaction itself. Required fields are marked *. Respond to enquiries. Chances are, you’ve used Gumtree before to buy or sell something. Second, if your car isn’t roadworthy, make sure you post it in the relevant parts and accessories section of Gumtree, rather than in motors. For example, consumers can report an issue to eBay's Resolution Centre between four and 32 days after the sale. Gumtree has buyers and sellers right in your own community. Selling on Gumtree is a win-win situation! If they claim they are having account issues then, as mentioned above, search their seller number online to read previous reviews, or halt the sale until you’ve contacted Gumtree. London Gumtree doesn’t get involved in the payment process, but it does provide a useful guide. You’ll need the vehicle registration number for Gumtree to conduct an HPI check on the car. The item you’ve been looking for could be just a few… Use of the material is conditional on there being no liability for how you choose to use it. Creating an advert on Gumtree is very easy. The amount of damages will be the difference between the contract price and the market price of the goods. You can now find rooms to rent, jobs, services, pets and of course used vehicles on Gumtree, which claims to be visited by one in three UK adults every month. Always provide a receipt to the buyer and keep a copy for yourself. New sellers have account limits, category limits, and … Contacting them is a waste of time as all they do is say they take it seriously and do nothing to stop it. Buying and selling online is a great way to spend less or earn extra – but how can you do so effectively? Instead, get a free valuation from one of the other websites mentioned above as a guide – just read the small print to ensure the valuation doesn’t just apply to cars in perfect condition. You need to be signed in for this feature, 36 Featherstone Street Using an online marketplace like Gumtree brings wider choice than heading to a car boot sale or charity shop. I’m Faith, and I’m passionate about helping people make the most of their money. If the seller wrongfully refuses to deliver the goods to the buyer as per the contract, the buyer may sue the seller for damages for non delivery. Cleaning the car, and getting small repairs done, can help sell the car, as can a fresh MOT if the current one is nearer expiry. If you take cash you don’t have to stump up for PayPal fees either. Here are the top tips I took away for sellers: Now – over to you. You could ask for money off, or extras like accessories thrown in for free. I do have a blog also and I would love you to check out my blog tecreals and give me a few tips. Find cheap car finance on loveMONEY’s comparison site, Front corner (ideal for the primary picture), Close-up of a wheel – especially if they are alloys. Go on, be brave, just try saying: “Is there any way of getting a better price?”. Along with other classified ads sites, you should consider using all nine images and including pictures of the following: If you include pictures of car keys and documents, make sure you’re not revealing any personal information. What’s your top tip for selling stuff on Gumtree? Once-loved toys and clothes can go to benefit other children. It’s important to inform the DVLA to receive a tax refund and avoid being held responsible for any future penalties involving the car. If you’re getting car insurance, don’t miss out on cashback using Quidco or Top Cashback. Gumtree warns users to look out for the following signs: Messages that ask … You may also want to make a manual valuation. The workshop will be at 6.45pm on Tuesday 4 September at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design in London – get your tickets. As a private seller, your first ad on Gumtree is free. I was amazed when I listed an unused shower curtain online, and it raised well over £20. Gumtree buyers are a lot more relaxed and forgiving, in my experience. Before organising a test drive or revealing your address, get the potential buyer’s full details. ... such as eBay or Gumtree, they should first refer to the dispute resolution options available on the online auction's site. Read on for great advice on using online marketplaces with confidence and getting what you want at a price you’re willing to pay. Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Zuto Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 452589. Note the measurements or dimensions of the item and include a … Maybe you could ask if they’ll take say £5 off if … Research the market to find out how much similar products are being advertised for. Consumer Rights website. For example we sold a modem once and the guy who … Don’t forget to add to the valuation if your car has optional extras, such as built-in sat nav and set a price in round numbers for simplicity’s sake. Our expert tips and tricks are geared to help you avoid costly expenses, … Also, consider the season when selling: an obvious example being there's probably limited demand for convertibles in mid-winter. Unlike many of its competitors, creating a basic advert on Gumtree is free. I've had to go through other ways to get anywhere. Introductions are limited to motor finance. And drawers. Make sure anything you sell is in good working condition and if for example you’re selling a heater because it buzzes loudly and keeps you awake at night, it’s not cool to sell that item without pointing out why you’re selling it. Avoid PayPal, because it’s buyer and seller protection guarantee doesn’t cover vehicles and don’t use Paysafe, Ukash or Western Union for Gumtree trades. This should give you a good idea of what represents a fair price to buyers. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. We’re all so used to clicking to buy online, sometimes we can feel awkward dealing with actual humans to agree a price and arrange collection. COMPANY REG NO: 7406028 VAT NO: 945 6954 72. Gumtree insists it’s not an auction site – you can’t invite bids – but be prepared to haggle with prospective buyers. It was fascinating discussing how to create more effective listings, that would actually bring in more buyers! Selling stuff means I can raise money while clearing clutter. Finally, make a note of your Ad ID, which you’ll need to find your ad quickly and to contact Gumtree. Find a cash buyers on Gumtree, the #1 site for Residential Property For Sale classifieds ads in the UK. I accept that my email will be processed by FeedBurner and their privacy policy. They are pathetic and allow harassment buyers to do what they like. Featured: you can also pay to have your ad pinned at the top of the category listings, which starts at £11.99 for three days and rises to £17.99 for 14 days. Maybe it’s a British quirk, but 61% of us don’t feel comfortable asking for a discount – and that means a whopping £6.5 billion of savings get missed, according to Gumtree research. Please remember to respect your local community. I like buying second-had stuff, because I can often find better or more unusual items for less money than buying brand new. tw: 0 shares. I use Gumtree on everyday basis, and the scams are quite common. All data will be treated confidentially. Thanks for the tips on buying and selling online, I was really in need of this updates. Tell your insurers that you’ve sold the vehicle as soon as possible. several cupboards. Include the type of item you are selling, the material it is made of, and the condition of the item. Or bagging a bargain? Previous post: Top 10 tips for a successful yard sale, Your email address will not be published. You can download the guide for free. Worry no more! Bank transfers enable you to avoid handling cash, but make sure that the money has cleared into your bank account (not just ‘pending’ or appearing) before handing over the keys. Who knew goldfish shower curtains were so popular? Welcome to Much More With Less! When considering major repairs, make sure you’ll be able to recoup the costs. Gumtree has buyers and sellers right in your own community. Information about refund and return rights if consumers have a problem with a product they have bought from an individual seller online. September and March are when new model cars arrive, meaning older versions flood the market, so these months are best avoided. That’s quite different from most other car classified ad or buying sites; the downside is that the popularity of Gumtree for sellers means it can be hard for your car to stand out. On Gumtree, this means being polite and observant when buying or selling. Your feedback is vital in helping us improve this site. Selling your car before it hits the five-year mark can also be advantageous: The Money Advice Service notes that there’s a perception that cars are not as reliable after five years or 60,000 miles. Your email address will not be published. Listening to the advice from Gavin Presman, I’m confident I could negotiate some low-stress, low-price deals. That Ben 10 starter bike stashed in the cellar has got to go! Moving to the country, living on less and making the most of it. Many of the negotiation tips were about good communication and good manners – asking polite questions, sending directions, confirming you were coming to collect, showing up as agreed and explaining that you’d like to check the item, count the money etc. If you’d rather learn about it all in person, you can even rock up at a free interactive workshop. 6. If you can’t be contacted promptly, buyers will look elsewhere. What a very good lot of advice there is here about selling on Gumtree. This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Then give the green ‘new keeper’s details (V5C/2) slip from the log book to the buyer. Gumtree said it will always take down a copycat website as soon as it can. I’m still marveled at what I read on your blog, I would love to visit your blog often to read more article. According to Gumtree, cash is the safest way to get paid. 3. Please take our survey so we can improve our website for you and others like you. Last week, I was delighted to discover top tips on negotiating prices when I attended a workshop organised by Gumtree, the UK’s #1 classified website and app. EC1Y 8AE, LOVEMONEY.COM LIMITED IS A REGISTERED COMPANY IN ENGLAND & Wales. We want every single one of you to have a safe and successful visit to Gumtree, whether you are buying or selling, searching or advertising, and we do loads to keep you protected – including stuff you might not even know about. I’ve definitely benefited from bagging some bargains on online marketplaces. In this article, we explain how to safely sell a car on Gumtree, from correct valuation to maximising your advert’s potential, to meeting buyers and receiving payment. Make sure your car is ready to sell before listing on Gumtree, as adverts go live instantly. So true. Shopping platform Gumtree has announced the introduction of a ratings system, which will allow users to rate buyers, sellers and service providers. We’ve bought a whole load of other items on Gumtree too, from a Lloyd Loom chair to my daughter’s dolls house and a big box of Playmobil. I really enjoyed the Gumtree workshop, with the chance to hear an explanation of the steps to successful buying and selling. Documents you’ll need include the V5C Registration Certificate, service history and MOT certificate (if it has one). I don’t think so. Thanks for creating this blog. Gumtree also say to be wary of buyers or sellers that ask you to switch payment method, normally to one that has no consumer protection. It also means not exploiting the current situation for commercial gain. A Gumtree seller has warned people about the dangers of fake bank notes after he was scammed out of $700. ‎Join Gumtree, a classified ads platform for buying and selling a variety of everyday items locally. According to Gumtree, buyers who ask questions early on and establish a link to the seller are more likely to end up with the item; Always ask, politely, for a discount. Tweet. Related post: How to use less plastic and cut costs. Urgent: marking your ad as urgent costs £11.99 for seven days. Need to buy a new car? 3. 7. And whether I’m buying or selling, it means more items get reused, rather than adding to landfill. If you’re looking to prolong your vehicle’s life, we’ll guide you. When communicating with buyers, keep all communication within Gumtree’s messaging service (click ‘reply to ad’) and avoid listing your mobile number on the main page; you can always give it to buyers further down the track. When you enter your car registration number, the car’s details should come up automatically, although these can be edited. Wish I'd never went near gumtree. Politeness goes a long way… I have been known to sell to someone and take less than another potential buyer was offering just because that person came across rude! Definite advantages to attending the workshop. The basics are broadly the same under both: goods must be as described, of … Gumtree will use your postal code to classify your ad based on location. (Previous post) I’d spotted them online for £119.99, but found a brand new set, still in their original box and packaging, listed for £30 on Gumtree. Find cheap car finance on loveMONEY’s comparison site. Make sure you’re available to quickly respond to any enquiries on your ad. Browse Gumtree from the comfort of your own home, and demystify car-related topics for your own benefit. The guide and workshop have inspired me to get started. The buyer has a right to examine the goods which he has not seen earlier before giving his acceptance for the same. Find buyer right ads from Narrabeen, NSW. Here are the top tips for buyers that really resonated with me: Who knew a shower curtain could sell for so much? Your postal code will not appear in the ad. Also, check they have a valid driving license and insurance that will cover your car before they drive. 4 four Thunderbolt USB-C It comes with Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad • Find cars, furniture, electronics, jobs, real estate & more for sale across Australia Another way to contact the seller is by phone. Gumtree has teamed up with the How to Academy and negotiation expert, Gavin Presman, who really knows his stuff, to create a guide called “The Etiquette of Buying and Selling Online”. No PayPal Needed. Five years since starting to invest: doubled …, Lockdown spending diary: Much More With Less …, Robo-adviser results: Nutmeg and Wealthify vs Vanguard …. Gumtree will then show your item to buyers in your local area.

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