In Ooty, the wet season is overcast, the dry season is partly cloudy, and it is comfortable year round. Ooty Weather. October to February: During the month of October, the chilly wind enters the town but the overall day temperature is cool and good for sightseeing. The Long-range 12 day forecast also includes detail for Ooty weather today. So find on this website the historical weather averages in other cities in India and climate … Dolphin’s Nose – Meditate. However, the peak season is from October to June when the weather is pleasant and you can get involved in outdoor activities. On season. Located at an altitude of 2240m, the place remains on the cooler side throughout the year making it an ideal place for round the year visiting. Hourly. Due to presence of trees and abundant flora, Ooty or Udhagamandalam never experiences a hot day even at the peak of summer. Due to presence of trees and abundant flora, Ooty or Udhagamandalam never experiences a hot day even at the peak of summer. ... Today's weather in Tamil nadu - Duration: … Providing a local hourly Ooty weather forecast of rain, sun, wind, humidity and temperature. To complete the subscription process, kindly open your inbox and click on the confirmation link which has been emailed to you. Live weather reports from Ooty weather stations and weather warnings that include risk … These igloo-shaped transparent tents in Ooty are the new cool things! THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO DESTINATIONS, ITINERARIES, THINGS TO DO, RESTAURANTS, NIGHTLIFE and LOTS MORE! ☼ Ooty Tamil Nadu India 15 Day Weather Forecast. Today's temperature in Ooty is 16 °c. As November hits the town, the temperature plunges to 12 degree at sun down. We collected past weather data from many thousand weather stations around the world. The weather in april in Ooty is wet (with 9.6in of rainfall over 21 days). Which is snapped from my place Weather in Tamil nadu, Ooty: Get the current weather, hourly and weekly weather forecast for Ooty, along with current temperature, rainfall, wind speed, humidity, air-quality, 15-days weather forecast and season trend for Ooty. Right Click 155,515 views. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful views as well as the amazing weather. Monsoon. The temperature in Ooty in October nestles in between 15 degree to 20 degree whereas the bracing November bears a temperature swirling around 12 degree and 15 degree. 6 miles and an atmospheric pressure of 1011 mb. All about Avalanche Lake in Ooty, a nature’s paradise, Nilgiri Mountain Railway resumes train operations between Mettupalayam and Ooty, Hotels in Ooty near the bus stand for that perfect holiday, Pick a hotel near the Ooty Lake for that perfect holiday. The Ooty lies on 2214m above sea level Ooty's climate is classified as warm and temperate. You have been successfully added to the mailing list of Times of India Travel. (Weather station: Udhagamandalam, India). On average, the recorded minimum temperature is 81°F. Ooty Climate Condition | ooty weather watch live - Duration: 1:01. Day time will be cool and night will be more cold. Recommended for India. Day's maximum temperature would hover at 17°c, while minimum temperature is predicted to be 7°c. The climate comfortable there this month. Many couples visit Ooty during the winter season. Fog. The weather in Ooty is quite pleasant during the summers whereas winters are cool, and monsoons are enticing. November to February constitute the winter season in Ooty. So find on this website the historical weather averages in other cities in India and climate … Day's maximum temperature would hover at 17 °c, while minimum temperature is predicted to be 11 °c. 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Expect mercury to fluctuate between 5°C and 23°C. Nonetheless the best time for visiting Ooty is from October to June. Ooty Summer Festival and flower show to enchant tourists coming to Nilgiris, Ooty gears up to ban single-use plastic from August 15. Illuminated: 12.76% All day. With … The season also plays a key role in building a romantic atmosphere. Ooty, India - Current weather, an hourly forecast for today, tomorrow, detailed 10-day weather forecast and long range monthly outlook. 14 Day. Cloudy skies with light rain. Ooty climate is strongly influenced by the WesterGhat Mountain Ranges. Off season. The climate good here this month. The weather plays a deterrent for exploring the town. Ooty climate summary. Weather Today Weather Hourly 14 Day Forecast Yesterday/Past Weather Climate (Averages) Currently: 75 °F. The temperatures rarely drop below freezing and rarely get uncomfortably hot. Ooty is cold place which has three different climate conditions. Despite its location in the tropics, in contrast with most of South India, Ooty generally features mild conditions throughout the year. It’s named so because the tip of its peak resembles a dolphin nose. However, night time in the months of January and February is typically cold. But, if you wish to travel at the right time of the year to derive maximum benefits of the trip, then know that the best time to visit Ooty is from October till June. Ooty’s weather is characterised by abundant sun shine, rains, chill and fresh air ushered by the spring season. Be prepared for the day. Ooty features a subtropical highland climate (Cwb) under Köppen climate classification. Sometimes, the temperature can go below 5 degree Celsius also. But despite the heavy rains, raring tourists go ahead with their sight-seeing plans. Weather and Climate offers all the information you need to know about the climate in Ooty. The best time to visit Ooty is throughout the year as the weather is pleasant and great for sightseeing. The weather's not getting better compared to the previous month since in september there is an average of 8.5in of precipitation over 23 days. Weather Today Weather Hourly 14 Day Forecast Yesterday/Past Weather Climate (Averages) Currently: 60 °F. Ooty weather today. (June – September) The time for the clouds to pour moderate to incessant rains is between the months of June and September. Pack your bags for Ooty; the Summer Festival 2019 has begun! Weather in Ooty - Knowing about the weather, temperature, climate, rainfall, snowfall, humidity of any place is important since one needs to plan according to how hot or how cold the seasonal temperature is. Ooty, India visibility is going to be around 10 km i.e. (Weather station: Coimbatore / Peelamedu, India). In winter, there is much less rainfall in Ooty than in summer. Today's temperature in Ooty is 12°c. The climate in october in Ooty is wet (with 10.1in of precipitation over 24 days). Horrible weather conditions in ooty. March 15th to May 15th is On Season (peaks season) in Ooty , Best time for family to visit Ooty, most of the schools in south will be on exam holiday and the climate in ooty also will be best comparing to other south state . Country: India, City: Ooty. Get the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for India with current travel advice, statistics and online resources.. Current weather conditions for Ooty are not available at this time. TransferWise; TUI; Virgin Atlantic Climate information with charts. Today Ooty Tamil Nadu India: Mist with a temperature of 22°C and a wind North-North-West speed of 6 Km/h. Ooty’s natural environs can be explored at any time of the year. 1:01. Extended or 15 days weather forecast for Ooty, Tamil nadu: Get the extended or 15 days weather forecast for Ooty, along with current, hourly, daily and weekly forecast. The temperature in Ooty today is 23 °C, while humidity is 64 %. Climate of Ooty Summer. Ooty temperature ranges between 12 °C - 30 °C during these months. It will be dry with no precipitation and cloud covering 32% of the sky, the humidity will be around 57%. Ooty, India: Annual Weather Averages April is the hottest month in Ooty with an average temperature of 17.05°C (63°F) and the coldest is January at 12.55°C (55°F) with the … Rain map. The summer season is extremely pleasant, and Is ideal for tourist activities as the temperature stays around 20°C generally. March to June constitute Summer in Ooty. Summer from April to June (Hottest Climate), Monsoon from July to October (Raining season) and Winter from November to February (Coldest Climate). 01:00 AM Cloudy 53° Feels like 53° Last Quarter. We collected past weather data from many thousand weather stations around the world. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 46°F to 75°F and is rarely below 41°F or above 79°F.. Based on the tourism score, the best time of year to visit Ooty for warm-weather activities is from late February to mid April. During the summers temperature ranges from 10 degrees to 25 degrees. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()). The high seasonal norm is 90°F. Weather in Kodaikanal Today's temperature in Kodaikanal is 14 °c . This climate is considered to be Cwb according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. The temperature usually ranges from 5-15 degrees throughout the year with colder nights. Being a hill station, Ooty experiences extreme cold; however, it never snows here. In October, Ooty’s temperature moves close to 15 degree to 20 degree. Unable to fetch the weather details. IRCTC’s Bengaluru-Mysore-Ooty Summer Special AC package starts at INR 21590, IRCTC is offering amazing Ooty toy train tour packages, check the details here, Beat the heat in Southern hills with IRCTC’s 6N/7D Mysore-Ooty-Coorg package at INR 31900, You can now go for night tours in the forests of Araku Valley aka Ooty of Andhra Pradesh, Budget hotels in Ooty for a cost-effective stay, 5 things you should buy before leaving Ooty, 5 ways to explore the great outdoors around Ooty, Romancing the steam engines along the Nilgiri Mountain Railway again, Southern Railway to open ‘Coachteria’, and other attractions for its “Chaiyya Chaiyya” train, Nilgiris reopen for tourists after staying closed for eight months, Terms of Use and Grievance Redressal Policy. The daytime temperature is going to reach 23 °c and the temperature is going to dip to 16 °c at night. 7 Day. Day's maximum temperature would hover at 14 °c , while minimum temperature is predicted to be 11 °c . Being located at quite a high altitude the climate of Ooty remains cool and temperate almost all through the year. Today would be a good day for wearing woollen if you are already there. Unfortunately, the weather conditions is worsening than the previous month since in march there is an average of 3.3in of rainfall over 10 days. The thermometer averaged maximum of 79°F. Please try again. The humidity will be 94% and there will be 0.6 mm of precipitation. Ooty is surrounded by areas of dense vegetation and rolling hills punctuated by cultivated plateaus featuring tea and coffee plantations, as well as eucalyptus. According to senior meteorologists at Skymet, 12 Best Places To Visit In Mumbai On Valentine`s Day, Must Try Yoga Poses To Stay Fit During Monsoon, 10 Amazing Reasons To Eat Orange Everyday, 10 Essential Healthy Foods That Are Must This Monsoon, 10 Amazing Images Shared By NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly, 10 Fun Things To Do During Summer Vacation, 10 Breathtaking Images Of The Northern Lights, 10 Stunning Pictures Of Snowcapped Kashmir, 10 Amazing Hollywood Movies On Climate Change. In Ooty, the average annual temperature is … (November – January) As in rest of India, winter takes Ooty in its embrace in the month of November. Weather in Ooty, India Ooty is one of those few places in South India that can boast of an almost uniform climate throughout the year. The mercury hits the 5 degree and 10 degree mark, and climbs up several notches in spring.

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