He gets along with most characters, although his temper sometimes alienates children. Finally, he realizes Stan has changed and ends their friendship. Kyle is the only one of the four boys to have never been absent for more than one episode in the same season or for two consecutive episodes. Kyle and Stan's friendship has been mocked several times by others (particularly Cartman). Kyle is also shown to be active on social media websites such as Facebook and using popular electronic devices such as Apple's iPad in "HUMANCENTiPAD". [4] When describing Kyle, Stone states that both he and the character are "reactionary", and susceptible to irritability and impatience. Gerald is usually one of the more reasonable men in South Park, much more so than Randy Marsh, the main adult protagonist, and generally tries to teach Kyle good morals, as seen in Chickenpox, although can fail to teach him the right morals, as also seen in the episode. Cartman and Kyle smiling at each other and getting along at the end of "You're Getting Old". In the episode "Guitar Queer-O", sickness apparently prevents Kyle from practicing Guitar Hero as much as Stan does. In many episodes, Kyle draws upon his sense of social purpose and moral outrage,[4][7] and reflects on the lessons he has learned during the course of an episode, with a speech that often begins "You know, I learned something today...". Kyle appears to have mixed feelings toward Judaism, and there is conflicting evidence as to the religiousness of his family - for example, while they dress similarly to many religious Jews (Gerald, for example, always wears a yarmulke), they apparently do not keep the Sabbath or follow very strict sexual lives (Sheila Stone, mother of Matt Stone, was herself a secular Sephardic Jew). Kyle Broflovski | Eric Cartman | Stan Marsh | Kenny McCormick, Cleo Broflovski | Gerald Broflovski | Ike Broflovski | Kyle Broflovski | Kyle Schwartz | Murrey Broflovski | Sheila Broflovski | Kyle's Elephant. Unfortunately, as the note was being passed around, it got to Stan, and Mr. Garrison thought that he was trying to pass it around, so he forced him to read it aloud to the class, and Stan subsequently got in trouble for that. Offensively Non-Offensive. He debuted on television when South Park first aired on August 13, 1997, after having first appeared in The Spirit of Christmas shorts created by Stone and long-time collaborator Trey Parker in 1992 (Jesus vs. Frosty) and 1995 (Jesus vs. Santa). Got one to sell? [1] Gerald and Sheila have been referred to as Polish Jews,[2] and they mutually share a strong devotion to their Jewish religion, while expressing deep concern during the multiple times Kyle's faith in Judaism becomes enervated. Nonetheless, The feud between the two has been a recurring theme since the show's beginning. homosexual). Kyle is of the Jewish faith, but this detail is not officially revealed until "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo", despite having been mentioned briefly in the second The Spirit of Christmas short, and in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut the first interactions between the two have them playing "kick the baby". Was sick with the common cold during the events of ". She has not appeared or been mentioned since, so it is a major possibility that Kyle had got over her. This has resulted in both his eagerness to fit in, and his resentment and frustration. as stated in "HUMANCENTiPAD". Even with Cartman's consistent hostility and genuinely antisocial behavior, Kyle is sometimes deceived by Cartman's feigned good intentions. [32] One of the show's more popular episodes, "The Passion of the Jew" (season eight, 2004), deals largely with Kyle's religious anxiety. South Park. From the show's second episode, "Weight Gain 4000" (season one, 1997), Kyle, like all other characters on the show, has been animated using computer software, though he is presented to give the impression that the show still utilizes its original technique. During the events of "Bass to Mouth", he solved the mystery of who was behind the Eavesdropper website scandal by tracking the IP address within the school. This was quickly thwarted by Cartman, who announced his love for Kyle at the basketball game. But, after Gerald accepts a position back in South Park, Kyle returns to South Park High for his Senior year and finds everything has changed. Keychain. [8] Stone, himself Jewish, also recalled his own experiences as a youth in a predominantly Christian neighborhood, and both he and Parker decided to incorporate these aspects into the character. [15][21] Parker notes that while Kyle is sometimes cynical and profane, there is an "underlying sweetness" to the character,[22] and Time described Kyle and his friends as "sometimes cruel but with a core of innocence". South Park Archives is a FANDOM TV Community. Kyle promptly beats up Cartman in defense of Kenny's honor and memory following one of his "permanent" deaths in "Kenny Dies". Kyle Broflovski has always been considered one of the most intelligent children in South Park, and whenever crazy things are happening in South Park, Kyle and his super best friend, Stan, are there to provide the voice of reason and help resolve problems, often with a comforting 'gay little speech', something that has become Kyle's trademark amongst his friends... for better or for worse. He was initially reluctant to embrace Ike as his brother upon learning that Ike was adopted, but Ike's genuine affection for his older brother persuaded Kyle to love him in return, and regard him as "true family". The rift formed between them helps Stan realize that what he most enjoyed about his success wasn't success for its own sake, but rather, sharing the experience with his best friend. Cartman once noted this happens usually once a month, demanding to know why at the exact same time of the month, she always gets irritated by something, and he always ends up getting screwed by it. ", "Quest for Ratings", "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina", "The Losing Edge", "Elementary School Musical", "W.T.F. No Hat Also, in "The Wacky Molestation Adventure" Kyle is informed that Cartman had three extra tickets on the 28th row at the Raging Pussies concert, but Kyle's mom tells him he cannot go to see it unless he has done all his chores and brought democracy to Cuba (assuming it to be an impossible task). 10 Based on co-creator Matt Stone, Kyle is a member of the only Jewish family in South Park. Though Cartman usually winds up the loser of the argument, there are exceptions when Cartman's improbable assertions prove true. South Park . 4th Grade However, they don't make up at the end of the episode like the other times, and with Stan not showing a single sign of getting better (along with the doctors diagnosis that he will never get better). Sheila Broflovski South Park The Fractured But Whole > General Discussions > Topic Details. At one point Stan's dad Randy Marsh even told him that they shouldn't hang out too much together or else people would start to think "they are 'funny'" (i.e. [13] When asked three years later by friend Brian Graden to create another short as a video Christmas card that he could send to friends, Parker and Stone created another similarly-animated The Spirit of Christmas short, dubbed Jesus vs. Kyle Broflovski Collection by Cheyenne Davis • Last updated 10 days ago. He made a touchdown, which remarked his skills. In the end, he returns to normal, shrugging off the experience. When arrested by the Japanese government for ecoterrorism in "Whale Whores" Stan enlists the help of Kyle (who remained in South Park) to manipulate an image showing a dolphin and whale in the Enola Gay to a cow and chicken. He is often noted for this, as well as his intelligence. Dec 7, 2020 - Explore mason42's board "Kyle - South Park" on Pinterest. First Kyle is known to be the best basketball player at South Park Elementary, one of two sports at which Stan isn't the best (the other being Dodgeball, at which Pip is considered the best). Title: South Park - Kyle Pocket Pop! Oct 24, 2020 - Explore Cheyenne Davis's board "Kyle Broflovski" on Pinterest. Kyle occasionally phrases what he says in a somewhat poetic way when he speaks philosophically, questioning reality and why things are as they are. Was: Previous price AU $32.23. Kyle shares an affinity with Stan in many ways (particularly early in the show, when there were fewer distinctions to be drawn between their personalities), and they genuinely care about each other. Club, wrote that "South Park delivered the best possible commercial for this restaurant/adventurescape with the surprisingly accurate and compelling 2003 "Casa Bonita" episode of the show. South Park. He lives in South Park with his father Gerald, a lawyer, and his overprotective mother Sheila, a housewife who fits the mold of a Jewish mother stereotype. While throwing rocks at cars, he and Clyde compete for Bebe's attention in particular. Cartman realizes that his life is empty and hollow without having Kyle around to rip on, and he braves the Smug Storm to save Kyle and his entire family. Acute Fecalphelia. It's been two years since Kyle Broflovski and his family moved away from South Park to California. WEEEEELLLLL Don't do it Cartman! However, Kyle has been known to abandon his beliefs if there is a lot of money in it for him and self-justify himself despite knowing how wrong he is- he only changes his mind when he realizes he is turning into Cartman ("Crack Baby Athletic Association" and "Raising the Bar"). The boys won't let Kyle join in on any of the Holiday activities because he's Jewish. South Park. (to which Kyle and Stan responded by kicking him in the nuts repeatedly). Relatives His relationship with Cartman may be the most complex relationship portrayed in the entire show;. Kyle also shouts after Robert Smith in the episode "Mecha-Streisand" that "Disintegration is the best album ever!". Kyle is distinctive as one of the few Jewish children on the show, and because of this, he often feels like an outsider amongst the core group of characters. High quality South Park Kyle gifts and merchandise. Father In the first two seasons, whenever Kyle is shown from the side, his mouth is completely straight. Later on, as the movie develops, Kyle shows a strong protectiveness over Ike. When he learned of Catholicism's conditions for getting into Heaven, he renounced his faith on the basis that if the Jews were right about the matter, it would make no difference if he were a Catholic, but if the Catholics were right, he would go to hell for not accepting Christ. Kyle weighs 83 lbs. This prompts Kyle to write a letter to Fidel Castro, who is actually convinced to bring democracy to Cuba after reading Kyle's innocent, persuasive rhymes, lyrics, and words. Kyle also seems to take a leading role in writing the book The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs with the other boys in "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs". Although his mother's outspoken, manipulative nature usually overwhelms Kyle, he tends to show that he truly loves her, and takes offense to any insult Cartman may offer about her. Format - Pop! If it is not pictured than it is not included in this listing. Kyle is shown to have relatively strong computer skills, as shown in "The Snuke" wherein he uses various public resources to thwart a terrorist threat from a Soviet-style militant. Kyle next appeared on August 13, 1997, when South Park debuted on Comedy Central with the episode "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". [30] He is shown to not have a great relationship with girls, finding it gross when Bebe Stevens had arranged for Wendy Testaburger to have her kiss Kyle in Stan's clubhouse in "Clubhouses". This depresses him a great deal, and Stan, seeing how it has affected him, tries to get the girls to change the list with the help of Wendy Testaburger (ultimately uncovering the fact that the list was wrongfully altered and that Kyle was not in fact voted last). The greatest rift between them was in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy" where Kyle reveals the illicit relationship between Ike and his kindergarten teacher. Kyle wears a greenish lime ushanka, a bright orange jacket, dark green pants, and lime-green mittens. However, they fight once more in "Ass Burgers" after Kyle found out that Cartman was sticking hamburgers up his butt and selling them to people, therefore causing their business to shut down. In "Good Times with Weapons", he as depicted as a ninja with brown eyes. That means being sent to South Park High, an inner city school, for a semester. Gerald Broflovski Kyle normally has the angrier reaction of yelling, "You bastards!" [8] In some instances, Kyle is the only child in his class to not initially indulge in a fad or fall victim to a ploy. Occupation Kyle's apparent indifference to religion may be part of his effort to fit in with his friends, who are mostly Roman Catholic. Kyle is the only person in South Park who shares Eric Cartman's blood type, AB negative. As a result, this has happened at least twice (South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo"). Kyle has stated that he wants to play in the Denver Nuggets someday. Sheila is prone to exaggerating the issue whenever something threatens her son. 1. In Jewpacabra, Kyle brings Cartman home in the middle of the night, tucking him in bed and even removing his shoes. Kyle Broflovski is one of South Park's main characters, along with Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. Yes there will be lemons. Also Kyle, along with the other boys, is portrayed as having multiple useful and trivial talents. After PC Principal overheard that Kyle didn't have a glowing opinion of Caitlyn Jenner, he was harassed until he was forced to compromise. Student Kyle sings a song about feeling lonely and left out on Christmas. Kyle becomes sick more often than any of the other boys, despite Kenny dying repeatedly. In "It's Christmas in Canada" Cartman threatens to beat Kyle up if they weren't home in time for Christmas. Also, on several occasions, he has altered his Jewfro stylishly, as shown in "South Park is Gay!" The announcers at SeaWorld decide to mess with Kyle when he sticks around to get a … The show's official website defines Kyle's role amongst his friends as "the smart one". At the end of the episode, he puts his hand on Cartman's shoulder and says that he believes Cartman's claims that he is Jewish now. incessant complaining and threatening when it appears that they would not in fact make it home in time, Kyle throws one jab at Cartman's face, who quickly breaks down and cries for his mother. SPS Fanfiction Humor Romance South Park Kyle Broflovski Kenny Mccormick ... (south park x female!reader) on hiatus (not discontinued, slow updates) - "the only flaw, you're flawless." [5] He is amused by bodily functions and toilet humor,[5] and his favorite television personalities are Terrance and Phillip, a Canadian duo whose comedy routines on their show-within-the-show revolve substantially around fart jokes. He shows genuine empathy by reasoning that others wouldn't find the site to be funny if it wrote about them ("Bass to Mouth"). During the show's first 58 episodes, Kyle and the other students were in the third grade following which they have been in the fourth grade. Mr. Hankey Construction Set. Underneath his hat, he has red hair, much like his mother's. Kyle goes to extreme measures, including breaking into the Pentagon, to stop the government from nuking Imaginationland (and Stan along with it). [13][15] He is not offered the same free range of motion associated with hand-drawn characters; his character is generally shown from only one angle, and his movements are animated in an intentionally jerky fashion. For the most part, Kyle bases his decisions on both his emotions and beliefs; therefore, he is easily coaxed into fights or manipulated by his feelings, an example of this being when Cartman sang a song about his mother being a "bitch" and got everyone to join in, which annoyed Kyle. In a later episode, "Goobacks", while the four boys shovel the driveway of a woman's property, Cartman sits down chatting away on his cell phone while the others work diligently. Cleo Broflovski Due to intervention from Eric Cartman, Nichole chose to have a relationship with Token Black. Cartman, in an attempt to earn the bribe, struggles to avoid mocking Kyle's cousin, but eventually fails. South Park. This ultimately lost him a lot of respect, as seen by the death glares he receives whenever he tries to make one of his speeches. When Kyle first learned that Ike was adopted, he initially considered Ike not to be his "real" brother, becoming detached from and even resentful towards him. His birthday is May 26, the same day as Stone. Kyle and Stan are best friends, and their relationship, which is supposed to reflect the real-life friendship between Parker and Stone,[5] is a common topic throughout the series. Product Description; Details; Reviews 482052-Product-0-I-637461436936296025.jpg; South Park - Jersey Kyle Pop! During the show's first 58 episodes, Kyle and the other students were in the third grade following which they have been in the fourth grade. She even goes so far as to instigate a war between the United States and Canada in the feature-length movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut because of Canadians Terrance and Phillip's extremely scatological R-rated movie. May 26[1] Cartman also brought Kyle back to life in "Imaginationland, Episode II" after Kyle was attacked by Manbearpig, this time because he had not yet had a chance to humiliate Kyle by making him suck his balls to fulfill a bet. Hearing this from Stan, a previously spurned Kyle rejoins him in picking up where they left off with renewed enthusiasm (only to be called fags by the game after hitting a million points). For example: According to Mr. Garrison, Kyle is a "smart" and "A+" student. Cartman is more than happy to poke fun at Kyle in other ways as well, which has landed him in trouble many times. [38] In the season 10 (2006) episode "Cartoon Wars Part II", Kyle expresses his opinions on censorship,[39] and iterates Parker and Stone's sentiments on the topic by telling a television executive "Either it's all okay, or none of it is" in regard to whether any subject should remain off-limits to satire. However, at very rare times, like most of the children, he is also portrayed as being ignorant. They seem to fit in the middle, as many people often describe them using the portmanteau word: "frenemies". Although, it is seen he is somewhat friendly with Wendy, often talking with her in background scenes. It seems to be permanent, but in "Ass Burgers", they made up at the very end. Prototype When they all go inside to treat Cartman's injury, Cartman says "you're so lucky I have a sore shoulder, Kyle, or else I'd totally let you have it," implying that Kyle was the one who bloodied his nose. [4][7] He tends to offer reasonable or scientific explanations both to situations most others view as supernatural in nature, and in opposition of propaganda dispensed by Cartman. The two agreed to go to the School Dance together, but Rebecca ended up making out with other boys at the due, much to Kyle's shock. He can also speak and understand Marklar well. The crush evaporates, however, when Ms. Ellen is removed as a substitute and eventually launched into the sun by a large scale plot orchestrated by Wendy. It's difficult to define their connection as friendship or as enemies. 885 Pins • 25 Followers. . Gerald and Sheila have been referred to as Polish Jews, and they mutually share a strong devotion to their Jewish religion, while expressing deep concern during th… [3][28] Kyle's guilt is quickly alleviated when he encounters Mel Gibson, the film's director, and perceives him to be nothing more than a deranged masochist.[28]. Write a Review. See more ideas about south park, kyle south park, park. Kyle showed a interest in Leslie while protecting her in "PC Principal Final Justice",before Leslie was revealed to be a robot and killed by PC Principal. 4. Kyle even risked his own life to save an ostensibly sick Cartman in "Manbearpig" by carrying him to safety in a flooding cave, despite the fact that Cartman's weight threatened to sink Kyle (and nearly did). In such cases as in "Die Hippie, Die", where Cartman saves the town from a hippie music festival, and Kyle is forced to watch Cartman play with his new Tonka bulldozer in the school parking lot every day and in "Imaginationland"; the episode begins with Cartman taking Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Butters, Clyde and Token into the forest because he had seen a leprechaun in the area; Kyle, of course, does not believe him, though Cartman turns out to be correct. Cartman regularly makes derogatory remarks about the Jewish people, often directly in Kyle's presence specifically to aggravate him. In the film, he initiates research on the clitoris and accidentally stumbling on pornography featuring Liane Cartman.